Spring get short circuited


Sorry about the error in the title.  If I change it, all the links will be broken....

Last Monday, March 21, we awoke to a temperature of 56 degrees Fahrenheit.  This Monday, a week later, our thermometer was reading 36 degrees Fahrenheit when I rolled out of bed.

The swamp oaks in the picture will have to wait a while before they can finish growing their leaves.

Monday's weather is a big change from  the recent third week of March when there were at least three days that the temperatures got into the eighties.  Now the National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for our whole coastal area.

That is a real shock to my system not to mention the tomato plants that I put in the ground on March 23.
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Our Business

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Hi my name is Jennifer Miller & this is my first blog that I have ever written, I am going to use this one as sort of an advertisement to get me started. My husband & I have four kids, 3 of which are in college & 1 that is in the 6th grade, we own our own security business here in Ohio, we have owned this business for 11 years now, but Doug, my husband, has been in the business for over 20 yrs. We are currently serving over 700 businesses & residents in 6 states & well over 30 counties. We are currently building a new house here in Ohio, but are dream is to one day have a house in Emerald Isle & have some accounts down there also. We vacationed there in 2009 & just fell in love with the town, the beaches & the residents there.  So if any of you reading this knows of someone in need of a security system in there house or business please feel free to check us out, I will say that we are not a big company like ADT or Brinks but that is a good thing because you as a customer are not dealing with a computer or someone in a foreign country when you call our office, you are dealing with either Doug, myself or our technician Bryan.  read more »

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First White Oak River Kayaking of 2011


This has been just a great week to get an early spring taste of the waters of the Crystal Coast.  We have seen a number of days when our afternoon temperatures were in the eighties.

On Wednesday, I managed to take our boat out on the river twice.  The second time was later in the afternoon and turned out to be our first fishing trip of the season.  It was a wonderful day to be on the water.

Actually anyone who picked the week of March 20, 2011 to be at the beach can pick my next set of lottery tickets. I don't think you could ask for better beach weather. On my Wednesday morning trip out on the water I noticed that the water temperature was almost 70F.

Seventy degrees is actually my spring coolness threshold for kayaking.  So  Thursday evening after I finished work, and after the water had another day to warm, I decided to take the kayak out for its first spring run.
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Time for Oysters in Swansboro


I don't think we could have ordered better weather for this weekend's Oyster Roast and Pig Out at the Swansboro Rotary Civic Center Saturday, March 19 from 5-8 PM.

The tickets are $45 at the door and $40 dollars if you buy from a Rotary Club member before the event.  There is a great slide show set to music at the Rotary Club link, but I also have my own slide collection taken at the 2007 event.  It is not an easy event to photograph since taking pictures means taking time out from shucking oysters. I also wrote up the 2008 Oyster Roast.

There is plenty of food at the event besides oysters, but the event is really for oyster lovers.  With a room filled with tables for eating oysters, it is hard to deny the focus on oysters.
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Blue skies for EI Saint Patrick's Festival


There is nothing wrong with getting half of inch of rain in early March.  This time of year we need regular doses of rain to build up some moisture reserves for the growing season.

Yesterday's storm was a mild ones with only a couple of short bursts of heavy rain.  For a little while it looked like the east winds were piling some water into the river, but it turned out to be minor.

This morning everything has that fresh washed feeling, and the sky is back to being a beautiful Carolina blue.  At just after 8 AM we are still in the mid-forties, but it looks like we will come close to hitting 60F this afternoon, and luckily, Saturday we will be well into the sixties.

Saturday's weather is important, because it is time for Emerald Isle's annual Saint Patrick's Day Festival. It is one of our early season festivals, and once again this year it is followed the next weekend by the Swansboro Oyster Roast and Pig Out on March 19.
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Waiting for the rains


Spring is at it again.  Last night we had less than a quarter of inch of rain.  The winds have picked up this morning, and apparently we have the chance of some severe storms this afternoon which might be our first daylight thunderstorms of the spring.

Thunderstorms are part of life in North Carolina.  In the summer they often bring much needed moisture to much of the countryside.

This time of year, tornadoes sometimes accompany them, but right on the coast we seem to miss most of them though an occasional water spout shows up.

My two walks at the beach late last week have still managed to keep my view of the world on an even keel, but the warm temperatures haven't hurt either.
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A morning at the beach


Friday March 4 my wife dropped me at the vehicle ramp by Inlet Drive and Bogue Ct. on Emerald Isle.  I often stop there for a quick walk out on the Point which is one of my favorite places.  If you have a look at the current Google map of the area or the picture that I took in November 2007, you might think that a quick walk is all that you could get.

Sometimes you need to remember that just because something is on the Internet does not mean that the information is correct.

The truth as of March 5, 2011 is that there is 1400 feet of sand stretching from the vehicle ramp at the Point to the water by Bogue Inlet.  That is a lot of sand not to show on a map.

It took me longer than expected to walk out to the water and back so I knew that if I took the time to explore, I might end up hitching a ride back to Bluewater Cove since my wife has a limited tolerance for aimlessly driving around subdivisions while I am wandering.
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