Two nice days and a miss on the snow


This winter, any day that I get some nice weather will be enjoyed to the fullest.  Tuesday and Wednesday of this second week of February have both been nice.

I took advantage of both of them to enjoy some time outside and enjoy some hikes.  I even managed to work in my yard on Tuesday.  The rains did start until dinner time on Wednesday.

Thursday has turned out better than expected since the snow wasn't even enough to coat the back of a blue heron much less a driveway or road. 

That did not stop Camp Lejeune from closing except for essential personnel.  I guess we need to keep the Canadians as close allies in case we have to fight in snow.

I have no problem with the bases being careful with real snow. However, this is the age of instant communication.  I saw a scrolling warning across the television well before the eleven o'clock news forecast last night that the base's plan was to be closed.
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Cold rain on the Gut this afternoon


Given that most of the United States was stuck in the thirties at midday February 4 and that Dallas, Texas was getting snow and ice, I feel pretty good about eking out a high temperature over 40F here along the Southern Outer Banks.

Even next week there looks to be a good chance that we will miss the next shot of winter weather, but that is little consolation on a cold rainy day.

I have ventured out twice, once to get the morning paper and later this afternoon to get our junk mail. As I was complaining about putting on my rain shell and tennis shoes, my wife reminded me that most people do not consider tennis shoes and a single ply rain shell to be winter clothing.

I had to agree. Getting dressed for our cold rain was nothing like putting on felt boots and shoveling for ten or fifteen minutes just to make it to the mailbox which I often had to do when we lived in Canada.  read more »

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Damp on the dock this morning


I was lucky that I picked something of a lull in the rain earlier this Wednesday morning for my trip out to retrieve the morning newspaper.

There were just a few sprinkles of rain when I walked out the driveway.  By the time I got back to the house and started out towards the dock enough rain was coming down to discourage me. Fortunately the temperature was around 60F.

I headed inside, and as I was taking my coat off, I caught a glance of a pair of pelicans doing their "graceful" crash landing in the gut behind the house.  The pelicans did their usual swim by the dock and disappeared just as a white heron landed in the marsh which we can see while we sit at our kitchen table.

The heron, a frequent visitor, is rarely disturbed by me taking pictures from the window less than 25 feet away.  Sometime I will get a good pose out of him like this morning when it was just starting to sprinkle rain.
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My backyard white is nicer than yours


With much of the country having the white in their backyard end up being snow, I am happy to have a white heron walking around in mine

While the clouds are starting to move in from the west, we have enjoyed some sunny skies through this morning.

Our temperature is up to nearly 50F.  It is supposed to rise a few more degrees and then stay nearly constant until tomorrow afternoon when we are supposed to warm to near 70F.

I have friends living in Oklahoma, State College, PA, and Acton, MA.  I cannot say that any of their forecasts from WeatherUnderground look remotely nice.

The one for Oklahoma is particularly bad.

Snow and isolated thunderstorms late in the morning...then snow in the
afternoon. Areas of blowing snow through the day. Windy. Snow may be
heavy at times late in the morning. New snow accumulation of 8 to 10
inches. Total snow accumulation 16 to 20 inches. Highs around 18. North
winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts to around 35 mph. Chance of precipitation
near 100 percent. Wind chill readings 4 below to 9 below zero.

State College will be miserable in a different sort of way.
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Pelican weather warning system


Sometimes when you live in an area where a few miles can make a huge difference, you develop you own method of coming up with a weather forecast.

Last week was a good case for that.  The weathermen and ladies were calling for a brush with some snow.  We were told that there was a 50% chance that we might see a dusting of snow up to an inch in the afternoon.

We got hit with a real snow job.  I had discarded the evening forecast the minute that I got out of bed that morning.  There was fine snow in the air well before 8 AM.  Somehow I knew that the storm had developed more intensity was tracking closer to our spot close to the White Oak River.

Around 11 AM when we already had two inches of snow, the forecast for the area began to change.  We ended up with four inches of snow which really was not too bad for a coastal snow storm especially when you compare what the areas north of us got.  read more »

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Carolina blue sky & winter in retreat


While nothing is certain in this winter of nastiness, things felt very different when I walked out to the dock this morning.

This is the first time in several weeks that I have walked outside with just a long sleeved tee shirt instead of a coat.

Secondly, I almost automatically put on my summer around the yard Crocs which were cooling in the garage.  They were not frozen as they have been the last few weeks.

While I hesitate to say this, I think we might have broken the back of winter here on the Carolina coast.

Plenty of people to the north of us are groaning under feet of snow, but that is why they live in the north,  and we live at the beach. Even the Canadians are starting to complain a little.

In just a week we have from a localized snow storm to what can only be characterized as a miraculous recovery.  read more »

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What a treat, 54F wake up temperature


After all the cold and even snow that we have seen this winter, it is a real treat to wake up to some decent, even close to normal temperatures.

I hardly knew how to dress.  Most mornings this winter, I have donned a down vest, a hooded jacket, and my fleece cap.  This morning all I put on was a light weight shell.

Perhaps things are getting back to normal with the Canadians and New England folks absorbing most of the cold weather.  I sent my friends who live north of Fredericton, New Brunswick one of my infamous temperature auto-emails.  It starts out by offering condolences that their morning temperature is 60F colder than ours.

Our newspaper was late so I took a morning stroll around the docks here at our subdivision.  We managed to get about 3/4 of an inch of rain out of last night's storm.  It was nice to finally have a normal storm this winter
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