Crystlal Coast

Time for the Best Kayaking and Fishing


For those who are not familiar with North Carolina's Crystal Coast, we have saved the best time of the year for you to come and visit with us.

We often have what I call don't-pinch-me weather well into November.  Here as we get ready to start the last week of September, daytime highs are just a few degrees one way or the other from eighty degrees Fahrenheit.

Our evening temperatures are still in the mid-sixties. At our house we have been riding the temperature curve by keeping our heat pumps turned off and our windows open.
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The potential for a nice fall day


Earlier this morning, I was not certain of which way the day was going to go, but now the sun seems to be winning the battle of sun and clouds.

We are lucky to be starting out the day at 55F.  Much of North Carolina is in the forties and there are some places even in the thirties.  And in the category of I am glad that I am not living there, Edmonton, Alberta where we have some old friends is waking up to 28F and light snow showers.

The weathermen have laid out a forecast that calls for clearing this afternoon and a temperature of 70F.  For the 3rd of November I will take that forecast and run with it.

Every day in the seventies between now and March is pure victory and territory that we need to hold.  Last evening I went down to the sound to take some pictures, but they ended up far too gloomy to share.  They are definitely not candidates for my webpage where I favor blues and warm reds.  read more »

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