Red Drum

Proof the Red Drum are here


When I headed to work this afternoon, I passed the house of Brian, one of my fishing buddies.  He had his skiff in the driveway and was ready to head out.

He told me another friend was driving a couple hours so they could try the fishing over in the Inlet.

I wished him well, and headed off to work.  Work was pretty dull as real estate can be these days.  I knocked off a post about What is so special about the Crystal Coast and set up the showing for one property.

I left work five minutes early so I could meet my wife at our church, Cape Carteret Presbyterian, to have our pictures taken for the church directory.

That took longer than expected so we headed off to gas up both vehicles and then to Andy's to grab a burger for dinner.  Dinner was great and quick, and we motored off towards Bluewater Cove as the last of the day's light started to fade.
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