Memories of Past Snow Storms


February 9, 2013 will be frozen into the memories of many folks along the east coast. Nemo, the blizzard/nor’easter/storm, will not be easy to forget   I’m happy to be living in Carteret County, North Carolina where snow does not make a lot of appearances.

I have paid my dues when it comes to snow.  My wife, Glenda, and I lived in Atlantic Canada for sixteen years. I remember one storm of over three feet when it took me most of the morning to blow a quarter mile path to our nearest barn.  That might sound about right, but I was using a 100 PTO HP tractor and an eight foot wide dual auger snow blower.  It took me the rest of the day to get to our cattle.  

It was one of many adventures which came from living in a Canadian snow belt.  You know it is bad when you live in area famous for snow in country where most think it snows year round. 

It was very different. The snow plows did not even get on the road unless we had more than six inches of snow.  The first year I kept track of the snow.  We had twenty-three feet.  There were times when our fields had over six feet of snow on them. 
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A wintery diversion


I have been through a range of emotions with this snow.  First it was disbelief that snow could find us in the paradise which we had chosen as a place to hide from snow and ice.  Then I was a little irritated at the whole thought of snow here.  Finally when it started accumulating a little, I became resigned to having to deal with it.
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If it looks like winter and it feels like winter....


It must be winter.  This morning marked the first time that I have ever seen snow flurries here at the beach.  We were away earlier in the week, but ran into some snow squalls just before we crossed Interstate 95 on our westward journey.  Apparently those snow flurries also made it here.
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