Open window nights!


The funny little crosshatch pattern in the post picture is not a special effect.  It is actually the screen in the open window of my upstairs office.

We have enjoyed two nights, July 15 & 16, when we were able to have the windows open.  It looks like July 17 might follow suit and make it three nights in a row.

Being able to open windows at night is something of a treat here on the Crystal Coast in mid-July 2011.  It has been a hotter than normal July here.

We have had some serious heat in the first part of July, and for a while it was combined with humidity and smoke.

That changed radically on Friday, July 15.  An east wind seemed to bring us cooler air.  Heat at night is the real enemy.  If we can cool off at night, the water temperature stays more moderate.  The east wind seemed to cool off the evenings.

Without some nighttime cooling, we start the day well behind the eight ball.  You always know you are in trouble when the morning temperature is 80F or greater.  read more »

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Finally some rain on the Crystal Coast


When I wrote the post, "Even at the coast, some rain must fall," on May 7, 2011, I had no idea that the rain I was describing would be the last significant rain we would see for almost six weeks.

That turned out to be the case. After the one quarter of inch of rain that we got on May 7, we did not see any measurable rain until early the morning of June 20 when we got at least six tenths of an inch of precipitation.

Fortunately we have been able to water our yards and gardens.  Farmers in the area haven't been that lucky.  Unless we get additional rain in the next few days, I suspect the area's field corn crop will be a complete loss.  It may already be damaged beyond repair at this point.

Some of our local vegetables are from irrigated fields so we are lucky in that respect.  However, there are a lot of area produce fields that are not irrigated so we need more rain if those fields are to bear fruit this year.
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Quiet in the Cove this Morning


We are having absolutely great weather as long as you aren't a farmer trying to grow crops or a homeowner trying to keep a yard alive.

There is no place more stunning and enjoyable than the Crystal Coast when the skies are blue, the water warm, and the sea breezes light.

Sunday morning as I walked around the boardwalk, the only noise came from birds hiding in the pine trees.  They were concealed as I got no chances for pictures of significance.

The birds were there, but their backs seemed to be turned to me.  Eventually as I reached the center of the boardwalk in Bluewater Cove,  my thoughts turned to Friday of the first week of June.

Early Friday morning, a friend and I headed off on a fishing trip.  We typically manage to fish together about once a year, but we missed last year.  His memories of the two nice redfish we caught on our last trip together were still fresh even though it was early in the summer of 2009.
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The Heat is Upon Us


Now is not a good time to talk about the warmth that we were begging for last winter.  The weatherman reported that the high temperature in Morehead City was 99F on Monday, May 31.

We recorded 97 degrees on our front porch while it was still in the shade.  Fortunately we are still dropping below 80F at night, or we would be cooking.

About the only thing that might like this heat is my tomatoes which are thinking about ripening.

I love warm weather, but I am not a fan of heat when it gets over ninety.  It is hard to walk across the sand to the beaches without insulated Crocs when the temperature is above 90F.

This is a good time of year to go fishing early in the morning or to walk the beaches late in the evening.  Or to stay inside and catch up on your paper work.  It is too hot to fish in mid-day.

It might be a good time of year to visit Antigonish, Nova Scotia where the morning temperature on June 1 was 48F.  read more »

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Even at the coast, some rain must fall


I absolutely love sunny, blue skies, but my life which included ten years of farming has taught me to appreciate timely rain.

If you run from your house to the car and then to the office, rain can just be a nuisance.  However, if you have a crop in the ground, timely rain is a necessity.

This afternoon the rain interrupted my planned beach walk, so I took the opportunity to play a little Foursquare and become "Mayor" of Redfearn's Nursery.

Rain rarely gets distributed evenly.  Even with today's showers, we could use some additional rain.  Likely I will mow my yard Saturday, May 7, and then run our sprinklers the next day because we are somewhat dry.

I will be running sprinklers while people along the Mississippi are praying for dry days and folks in Texas would give anything to have the shower that passed through this evening.

Fortunately we have had enough rain for field crops to germinate, but my tomato plants have required regular watering.  They are doing great.  I have one tomato the size of a small hen's egg.  read more »

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Embraced by Warmth


Spring is a wonderful time of the year except when the weather turns violent.  We have enjoyed some spectacular weather off and on since the middle of March.

It has been a nice treat to be embraced by warmth.  Like many folks, we were tired of the colder than normal weather that we faced this past winter. It has been nice to get up to temperatures even in the seventies.  I have also enjoyed being outside in the warmth like I was when I snapped the above picture of the White Oak River that I took from the Swansboro park on the north side of Highway 24.

However, the warmth has come at a price.  We have seen an unstable atmosphere for the last month, and at times it has turned deadly.  With humidity and warmth, you get storms, and sometimes they can be severe as they have been in last few weeks.
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Spring Cleaning the Weather


Spring is a tough time of year to figure out what to wear.  I know the ladies will laugh at this, but it is true even for us guys.  There are days when I have to think hard about whether I am going with shorts and keeping that positive warm attitude or paying attention to the weather and wearing blue jeans.

On top of that in March, I even have to worry about long sleeved and short sleeved tee shirts. Then there is the added complication of wearing a shirt with a collar for some fancy events.  It is sometimes more than a guy can handle.  Fortunately I have learned that once you get over sixty, you're invisible to almost everyone except your wife, and then even they need good light to make any serious comments.  Wives also get to the point that they are just happy if you aren't wearing anything with a spot on it.
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