Almost Water Time

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 03/07/2009 - 03:16.

Friday March 6 was one of the nicest days that we have seen in a while.  The day started warm and stayed warm except for the breeze (wind) that kicked up early in the day.  Without the wind it would have been a wonderful day.

The water and the sky were blue as you can see from the picture taken looking east up the Intracoastal from South Water Street in Swansboro.

Today's wind was a reminder that spring is not quite here yet.  It will come when temperatures begin to balance out a little more across the continent.  Right now the water is still cold and the large temperature differential often causes a breeze.  Also the eastern US has a lot of snow cover to keep air temperature cool when blowing from the north.

We have to get through some winds before we can really enjoy the water.  Right now I am mostly living on memories of past boating trips.

As much as I would like to be out on the water, I can remember trying it in early March last year.  We had a pretty bumpy ride back from our adventure.

The good news is that we have a series of warm days in our forecast.  We are supposed to be in the seventies or close to it until at least next Wednesday.   Also our low temperatures do not get out of the fifties.  That is certainly a good start to warming up the area.

We have also seen lots of sun, and with this weekend's warmth we should be back on track for a relatively normal spring.  The sun has been helped everyone's attitude after the dusting of snow that we got earlier in the week.

Just maybe it will not be too long before the warmth is here to stay, the strawberries are ripe and the water is back in its normal warm state.

In the meantime we have to work our way through the Emerald Isle Saint Patrick's Day Festival and the Swansboro Oyster Roast.  As soon as we are finished with them, there is the Newport Barbecue Festival.  Spring is a great time on the coast.

I have a new temperature gadget for anyone interested in seeing the real time temperature near Hancock Point on the White Oak River.  Our home is on the water in Bluewater Cove which is part of Raymond's Gut that run back from Hancock Point and the White Oak.

Go to the Weather Club website, set the zip code to 28584, save it, click on the "member data square" with the red dot, and you will notice a red dot just above Camp Lejeune.  If you click on the dot, you will see it is named Bluewater Cove.  That is me.

The temperature is from a sensor by the rocking chairs on our front porch just across from the boat ramp in Bluewater Cove.

As I am writing this post, the sensor is reporting 52F at around 10:20 PM.  Sometimes the site is a little slow, but I am enjoying my new toy which was purchased at Belk's for $29.95.  I love a deal.

And I love writing about the weather.