An Antidote for the Clouds

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 09/18/2009 - 12:04.

Some weather patterns are just irritating.  Our current one which gives us mostly clouds and offshore winds without any rain is one that I would not chose.

I am a morning person, and I thrive on blue skies and sunshine.  I can store up enough sunshine to get me through two or three days of clouds, but if it goes beyond that my glass will start looking half empty instead of half full.

This morning you had to look very hard for a touch of blue skies.  My walk out on the dock brought no sign of the sun shining through the clouds.  The waters are still and black this morning.

When you get nearly a perfect reflection, the morning breezes have not started.  It was actually very quiet on the gut behind the house this morning.  There was only one swirl of bait fish visible along with a circle from a jumping mullet.

Yesterday I spent about thirty minutes hoping the bait fish would swim close enough to the dock so I could try to capture a few with my cast net.

It often seems like they know when I want to catch them and keep them.  Most of the time I dump back what I get in the net, but I thought I might try my hand in the river yesterday and some live bait would have been a good nudge in that direction.

As it turned out I did not have time and caught no bait fish, but there is always hope for today.  There is a small craft warning for offshore so the river might get whipped up also, but we will not know for another hour or so.

After my walk to the dock, I headed out to mailbox to get the morning paper.  That's when I caught sight of the nearly perfect knockout rose.

Seeing all the roses in bloom is a great antidote to reports of impending frost up north and to our cloudy skies.

The Weather Underground must have a glitch in their reporting this morning.  According to their reports, it is 1F here this morning. That is about 67 degrees off the actual temperature.

According to the forecasts our weather should improve each day through  the weekend.  We might see significant sun by Sunday. I think that I can last that long.

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