Barefoot on a January beach

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sun, 01/24/2010 - 04:00.
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With the weather that the east coast has seen this year, you have to grab the good days when you can.

Today we were still catching up from traveling, but as the today dawned with blue skies and relatively warm temperatures, there was little debate about getting over to the beach.

About four o'clock we headed out and made a stop by the trash transfer depot so we could drop off our recycling.  Then we headed straight for the beach.

We ended up down at Third Street Beach which is one of my favorites.  The winter waves have rounded and smoothed a few of the edges that were there earlier in the winter.

We saw a boat speeding down the shore and some pelicans cruising up the shore.  I certainly enjoyed being down by the water even for a few minutes.

I was surprised to find some evidence of folks walking barefooted in the sand, but it would have taken much to get me to shed my tennis shoes.

I am not ready to tackle the water yet, but give it three months, and I will be willing to stick my toes into the surf.

After leaving Third Street, we drove down to the Point, and were surprised that the vehicle access has reopened since the bulldozer we saw there last week finished spreading all the new sand.

Another surprise was the Valero gas station-wine store on Coast Guard Road has reopened.

Competition is always good.  I had hoped for a dazzling sunset, but the sun dropped down behind a bank of clouds and disappointed up.

You can check out geo-tagged photos of today's wanderings at this Picasa Web Albums link.

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