Beach Weather on the Crystal Coast

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 06/23/2012 - 21:21.

If you live at the beach, you spend a lot of time thinking about wind and weather.  It just comes with the territory for most people.

While I learned a lot in my first career of farming, I think paying attention to the weather has always been in my genes.

My teenage years were spent in Mt. Airy, NC in a home that is now the Sobotta Manor B&B.  I often enjoyed sitting on the side porch of the house during thunderstorms.  From one end I could see the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains while the other side overlooked my mother's azaleas. 

You could feel the heat while the storms were building.  Often the winds, lightning, and thunder would come well before the almost always welcome rains.  Sometimes during the heart of summer, the heat and humidity would return with a vengeance after the storm was over.  Other times the storm would bring some cooling.

In today's world, many people spend most of their time inside.  Some folks even work in buildings where they have no idea what the weather is doing.  That is a dramatic change in the last fifty or sixty years.  As a society we have lost many of the ties that bound us to the community and to the outside world.

Yet when you come visit our world of beaches, water, and sand, you are thrust into the outside world.  Unless you are from another planet, you do not come to the beach to enjoy the inside of a house.  Certainly you will have some good times at the dinner table, but hopefully your memories will be of sunrises and sunsets on the beach or special places you find on the water. 

I have my own list of great places burned into my memory.

My wife would roll her eyes at me for saying that I can hardly remember the inside of the house where we lived in Columbia, MD from 1987 through 1989.  I am not surprised that I can remember more about waking up one morning on the rocky shore of Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy in 1971.

I can actually remember more about the early morning boat ride down the glassy White Oak River one warm summer morning in 2011.  The boat ride only lasted seven minutes.

We are all wired differently, but I am pleased that March Winds are more important to me than what some celebrity has worn to a party.

If you come to our little paradise on the Southern Outer Banks with an open mind and a willingness to thrust yourself into the outside world, you can gain a new perspective.

When you come to visit our world, you are placing a bet on beach weather.  The good news is that most of the time if you are here for a week, you will likely enjoy some stunning weather.  It is unusual for us to have a series of rainy days during beach season.

Usually there is plenty of great weather during a beach vacation to experience some amazing places.  You can take a long walk on the Point or actually get out on the water in a boat.

Memories you make on the beach will stay with you a lot longer than the text message that someone sent you about their shopping trip.

For many people beach weather will have more impact on their lives than weather any other time of the year.

Sometimes following the rhythms of the weather instead the buzzing sounds from your Smartphone can be good for your soul.  That piece of advice comes from someone who long ago lost the tan line for his wrist watch.

If you want more detailed information on great things to do at the beach and how to structure a memorable vacation here on the Crystal Coast, check out my new ebook, A Week at the Beach, An Emerald Isle Travel Guide.

The picture with this post was taken on the Third Street Beach on the afternoon of June 22, 2012.  The sea oats are growing and blowing in the wind which was strong enough that afternoon to blow some sand along the surface of the beach.

The day after on June 23, I got to watch a nice thunderstorm and welcome rain visit our spot just off the White Oak River.