Big changes at the Point

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 06/25/2010 - 11:43.

The Point at Emerald Isle is one of my favorite spots.  If you do not know where the Point is, you can find it towards the bottom left of my area map or you can look at it on a Google map.

The problem with looking at it on Google is that the aerial photo bears no resemblance to what the Point looks like today.

Back in November 2007 when I bought my first pass to drive on the beach, the Point pretty well disappeared under water, and the access ramp was closed.

The access point got repaired and as you can see from this photo on Panoramio sand started building in the area.

It is beginning to look like sand is winning the battle in Bogue Inlet.  The Point seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.  The Inlet seems to be shrinking.

You can actually walk almost to the boat channel.  It was weird riding out the Inlet and seeing people walking almost within reach.

Time will tell how this plays out.  We can always have a storm that changes everything.

There is still plenty of water out there, but a lot of it is shallow.  Yesterday we just caught small sharks about twelve inches long and nothing more exciting. 

It was hot but thankfully we had a strong breeze.  We had taken a few frozen bait shrimp in plastic sandwich bags.  After about an hour in sun, the shrimp cooked right in the bags.

Once we noticed that, we decided that perhaps we had gotten enough sun.  We headed back in only to find two foot swells in Swansboro harbor.  We made a quick trip back up the White Oak just touching the tops of the waves.

Here are pictures from yesterday.

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