Cold air finally finds the Crystal Coast

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You can always hope that winter does not find you on the Southern Outer Banks, but we never can seem to miss getting a taste of it.

This fall has brought us some great weather.  On Tuesday we had friends visiting us from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The high temperature that afternoon was 76F.  We could have been in shorts over at the beach.

Even yesterday, December 1, the meteorological beginning of winter, was a great day.  The temperature when we got up was 68F.  After the clouds rolled on through the area and the sun came out, we went for a long walk in the neighborhood.  Short sleeve shirts with no jackets were perfect for our walk.  We often walk through the Oaks which is a new section for waterfront homes in Bluewater Cove where we live in western Carteret County.

Our walk (the red line) yesterday took us through almost the whole subdivision which is outlined in yellow.  The walk to get around most of the subdivision was about 1.6 miles.  It was really pleasant outside, and I stopped to talk to a couple of neighbors.

Bluewater Cove is a great place to walk since there is almost no traffic.  After our Nova Scotian friends got on the road around noon, we headed off for lunch at Trattoria in Swansboro.  We split our favorite lunch sandwich a California cheese steak, but it turned out a lot different that what we had been getting.  It was still good just not what we expected. That is normal with a small local restaurant.

After that we did some grocery shopping since we spent Thanksgiving near Charlotte and the weekend in Roanoke, Va.  As we were coming out of the Food Lion on Emerald Isle about 4 PM, I got the urge to go to the beach.

It is only a short drive to Western Regional Access from the Food Lion, but my short sleeves seemed a little inadequate for the beach winds.  I dug around in the back of the car and found a coast to keep me warm while I took pictures from the platform.

It was hard to believe that just 24 hours earlier on Tuesday when I was on the beach, the thought of needing to be in shorts crossed my mind. On Wednesday my fleece lined jacked felt great.

We headed home and enjoyed some of my wife's homemade clam chowder.  She is practicing for company.  I love being the tester. I might get to enjoy clam chowder a number of times in December.

This morning when I got up the temperature was 34F, exactly half of what it was yesterday morning.  By 1 PM we are standing at 49F just a degree shy of 50F.  Fifty degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature I consider to be a cold winter day's temperature in January & February. Anything lower than that is really cold and below our average high temperatures.

I don't mind the cold in December if we can trade if for warmth in February and March. The long forecast says December will be our cold month this year.  Let us just get the cold over with so we can move on to the warmth of spring.

Here is a link to pictures that I took at the beach yesterday afternoon on the beach and a sunset at Bluewater Cove.

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