Cool Morning on the White Oak

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Thu, 10/29/2009 - 13:32.

This is a first attempt at providing an early morning White Oak River report.

I have two reasons for doing this.  One is that a friend and I are thinking about going fishing this afternoon, and I want an early reading on the weather out on the river.

The second reason is that I would like to keep a record of what the river is like at different times of the year.  The mind plays funny tricks so a written record is always better.

The water was very calm in Bluewater Cove as I turned by our clubhouse and headed out Raymond's Gut toward the White Oak.  The White Oak varies in width, but in most places it is over one half mile wide and in some place well over a mile.

The inlet from our subdivision to the river is one of my favorite places.  It is usually very calm as it was this morning.  There are always some herons and other birds feeding.  Schools of mullet often entertain us.

Just as you come out of the inlet, you are still sheltered by some land just up river.  That is one of my favorite areas for kayaking.  I disappointed to see someone has set a gill net.

When you finally get out in the river, the view towards Swansboro is usually very spectacular.

The view up the river is pretty nice also.

The point of my trip was to check river conditions so at 8:30 AM the surface water temperature at my dock was between 62-63 degrees, and it was calm with no winds.

By the time I fully got into the river, the temperature was running between 64  & 65 degrees.  In the middle of the river there was also a breeze of at least ten miles per hour.

My guess is that winds might pick up during the day, but we will just have to wait and see.

Right now we are marginal for a long fishing trip.  If we were ten degrees warmer or had calm winds, things would look better.

I did get a nice shot of the clubhouse on the way back.  There was even some fall color, courtesy of poison ivy growing up a tree.

I made it back to my lift before the morning sunshine made it our dock.

Our boat going through the water had stirred the water enough that the temperature rose at least to 65F.

My forecast, beautiful day on the water, perhaps a little breezy and cool.

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