Damp Afternoon at the Dock

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 09/20/2011 - 20:52.

What a strange year of weather.  First we have an exceedingly cold winter that challenges all of our spirits.  Spring turns out to be very nice and one to remember.

Then summer starts early and the rain just stops.  We went almost six weeks without any rain.  Then it got even drier.  We only got one inch of rain during July.  The area field corn crops were a disaster.

August was almost as dry as June and July until Hurricane Irene came along to break the drought.  We got somewhere between ten and fifteen inches of rain from Irene.  It was hard to measure since most of it was horizontal.  Irene came on Saturday, August 27.

Since Irene's visit, our area in western Carteret County has been mostly dry once again.  Last Friday, September 16, we drove up to Kinston to visit the traveling Vietnam Memorial and run a few errands.  On our way back home, we were driving from Kinston to New Bern when rain came down in buckets.

When we got back to the Cape Carteret area, there was no sign of rain. Rain was supposed to visit us on the weekend of September 17 and 18, but we got none.  I talked to someone from Morehead City on Saturday, September 17, and they told me it was raining there.  We finished the weekend without a drop of rain.

Monday, September 19, was a beautiful day here along the White Oak River.  Though I didn't get out on the boat as early as I wanted, I still managed to sneak out to watch the sunset.

As is often the case, the White Oak River and the sunset combined for some special magic.  It was hard to pull myself away from the beautiful colors on the river, but I knew my wife was holding dinner for me.

When we listened to the weather earlier there had been no mention of buckets of moisture for the next day.  I did some yard work and was cleaning my boat up just before noon on Tuesday, September 20, when the sprinkles started.  The sprinkles were intermittent until around 2 PM when the serious rain started.

By 4:30 PM we received three inches of rain.  As I wrote this at 5:30 PM, light rain was still coming down.

A few of my tomato plants survived Hurricane Irene, I hope they survive the standing water from this surprise system that has come up over the water from the south.

I also hope this moisture doesn't head for New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Northern Virginia.  They are still pretty soggy and don't need more heavy precipitation.  From the looks of our forecast, we have a good chance of rain through the early part of the weekend.

I would like to cast my vote for some nice dry fishing weather.  I managed to get my boat cleaned up the morning of September 20 so I am ready to roll.  Most of the summer was too hot for fishing.   The temperature is right, we just need some dry weather which has not exactly been in short supply this year.

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