December 2 Tomatoes

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Wed, 12/02/2009 - 13:54.

I am back from our Thanksgiving trip to the mountains of Virginia.  It is always nice to enjoy some morning sunrises along the Blue Ridges Mountains and to walk along the clear mountain rivers.

There are some other great pleasures that come with living in the south.  One is that you can still find beautiful green bluegrass in the mountains even into December.  I have had to mow our yard in Roanoke, Va. as late as December 11.

Here along the coast, the green has been gone from our centipede yards for a long time. There are people who over seed their yards, but I can take the reddish brown yards because I know it means less work.

I was pleased on our return to find some ripe tomatoes on my second season tomato plants.  When you consider I picked my first ripe tomatoes on June 5 this year, that is a nice long growing season.

I planted my two late season plants on August 22.  I am hoping to beat my record of picking the last tomato on December 19.  So far the two plants have been covered once, but it turned out to be unnecessary.

One of the plants has pretty well had it, but the garden center gave it us so we did not have a huge investment in it.

Having lived in Canada for a number of years, I am pleased to have roses, pansies, tomatoes, and my banana tree all doing well in December.

It certainly makes the winter a little shorter, and with the knowledge that we will see strawberries by late March or early April, it is pretty easy to slide through the winter.

We have a big storm coming up the coast today. Hopefully we will not see lots of rain.  The ground has just dried out a little since the last deluge.

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