Early Morning Fog on the Gut

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 09/19/2009 - 12:10.

There were no warning of fog this morning from the weathermen, but that is okay the fog seems to be burning off. 

At a little after 8 AM we are seeing lots of blue sky.  That will make a huge difference in the day

While I had a great time yesterday kayaking in the overcast conditions, everything is always more fun with blue sky.

I am planning on heading to the beach this morning for a walk.

We drove over to Emerald Isle last night and at 7 PM there were only two cars at the Dairy Queen.  Up until to just recently their parking lot has been packed.

Jordan's as is customary for Friday night had a good crowd for their Carolina fried seafood.  However, I did not see people waiting on the porches which is common during the summer months. Kathryn's Martini Bar and Bistro also had a good crowd.

We chose to have dinner at ChowdaHeads, just across the street from Reel Outdoors.  I enjoyed one of their fried grouper sandwiches, Smitty's Big Fish.  (Be careful when you click on the link, the sandwich is bigger than the screen)  I also shared a basket of Chowda Fries with my wife.  ChowdaHeads is a cozy spot where you often get to know the people have dinner next to you.  You also have to careful since they have some fairly decadent desserts.

After eating we headed off in hopes of getting a nice sunset photo.  I was lucky that traffic was light on the bridge.  I managed to get a very nice shot of the sun setting over the Intracoastal.

Since the sun was still high in the sky, we headed down to Clyde Phillips Seafood between the bridges at Swansboro.  I got a nice shot there of a small shrimp boat and the sun sinking behind Swansboro.  I also took a nice one of a sail boat and Casper's Marina.

I submitted a couple of my sunset pictures along with the pictures I used in my kayaking post from yesterday.  Marvin, the weatherman, picked the kayaking photo to show last night on the 11 PM weather.

We finished off our evening with a drive through the Cedar Point Tidelands Campground.  We always like to see who is in town.  There were only a couple of empty spots.  We did notice more tents than normal and a lot of kayaks.

I am glad today is turning out to have more blue sky than the forecasters thought.  After the rainy Labor Day, we deserve some great weather.

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