Expect Heat

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 12:07.

Yesterday evening over at the beach was really nice.  The air seemed to change.  The moon was out later, and there were no clouds in the sky to obstruct the view.

Last night the weathermen all seemed to be on the same page.  We should expect the heat to build into the weekend.  Today they are calling for inland temperatures in the mid-nineties and coastal temperatures in the upper eighties.

It is August, and we are in North Carolina so heat does not come as a surprise.

This you can feel sneaking up on you.  As I snapped the picture this morning on my walk to get the newspaper, i could feel a gentle breeze.  In mind I could see the scenario setting up that the breeze would die as the day warm.

On a day when we will need a breeze, we cannot find one.  Where are those twenty mile per hour breezes from last week when we need them?

Maybe I can get the yard mowed quickly and get over to the beach for some cooling action.  There is not like an ocean wave in the middle of your back to suck out the heat.

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