Finally hope of clearing weather

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Finally we might see clear skies after what seems like a month of dampness.  The week of September 19, my rain gauge recorded 6.2 inches of rain.

After a front passes through Friday evening, September 30, it looks like we might start to dry out.

With all the precipitation, at least I didn't have to water the new sod that I placed around the flagstones leading to our dock. I think it is already growing.

Weather is always something that we want to change.  This summer until Irene, we could not buy a drop of rain. Now in the last sixty days we have seen between fifteen and twenty inches of precipitation here along the banks of the White Oak.

The weather on the Southern Outer Banks never fails to amaze me, but on balance it makes a great place to live even better.  Still there are sometimes bumps in the road.

While I hate to even think of a repeat performance, it is hard to ignore that fall of 2011 is starting out very wet.  Last year all the rain proved to be not very good for the fishing season.  With all the heat we had this summer, all of us who enjoy fishing, both men and women, would love to have a decent fall fishing season instead of another washed out one like 2010.

The fall fishing is still not quite in full swing so there is still plenty of hope.  The fish won't really start biting until the water actually cools down.  It is hard to have fall or fishing biting when your river water is still 79 degrees, and the ocean continues to feel nice on your feet.

The only consolation is that the wet conditions seem to cover the whole east coast.  The weekend of September 24 found us in Pawley's Island, SC.  We were headed for an outdoor wedding at Litchfield Resort's Golf and Country Club, but the skies opened up just before the wedding was to start, and it had to be moved inside.

We did get enough nice weather on Sunday after the wedding that we spent several hours at Brookgreen Gardens which is one of the true treats of South Carolina.  If you have only gone to Myrtle Beach just for the shopping, you might want to broaden your horizons a little.

However, both our trip home on Sunday and the trip down there on Saturday were mostly in the rain.  The Myrtle Beach area is an easy three hour drive from Cape Carteret so even that rain didn't bother us very much.

Still with rain south of us, plenty of precipitation in our rain gauge, and rain all the way up the east coast, I was beginning to think the sun had forsaken us.

However, Tuesday, September 27, we drove over to Third Street Beach and got a taste of blue sky.  Wednesday we awoke to clouds but went down to Morehead City under blue skies to see Seafair, the giant yacht, docked there for the NC Seafood Festival. However, we headed back home with some ominous clouds streaming towards us.  Fortunately, that latest round of storms actually missed us. 

With some blue sky hanging around, I managed two straight evenings on the river and a few hours of surf fishing at Third St. Beach. The only fish around seemed to be pinfish, and there weren't even any of those biting in the river.

While both nights had beautiful sunsets, the one on September 29 took the award.  With golden stripes reflecting on the deep blue color of the water, it was a scene that was hard to leave.  

With that kind of sunset, I think the weather might be headed in the right direction. The picture in the post is of the September 29 sunset.

Beautiful  blue skies are part of life on the Crystal Coast.  it is good to have them back. They were reflected in the water just as I docked the other evening, and the last day of September they have been around all morning.

We might just have turned the corner on weather.

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