A fine spring morning

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sun, 03/28/2010 - 12:55.

Every spring there comes a day when you walk outside, and it just feels like spring.  I think today was the day for me in 2010.  It was not as warm perhaps as some mornings, but the combination of the birds singing, the warm morning sun on my back, and the blue skies overhead combined to make this my first day of spring.

I could even see some green grass beginning to peak up through the brown of our centipede yard.   My tomato plants are doing well. Our winter pansies are amazing, and in general things are looking good for spring.  I have enjoyed my first serious beach walk of the season, the boat has been out for an initial cruise, and it will not be long before we are fishing.

We appear to have made it through another winter.  Now other places on the east coast are not so fortunate.  I talked to friends in New Brunswick, Canada last night.  They still have snow on the ground with more expected.  They are having a good run of maple syrup this year, but they are worried that they are headed into spring with not a lot of moisture.

Lack of moisture is certainly not the problem faced by most of the east coast.  Even here in Carteret County, the fields have just in the last few days dried enough for farmers to start working them.

Even places as close by as Hillsville, Va. have seen snow in the last week.  Friends in Roanoke, Va tell me that they saw a hard frost yesterday morning.

So I am grateful to be where I am.  I am not even upset to see the leaves starting to appear on the Bradford pear trees which seemed to bloom just a few days ago.  I am looking forward to the azaleas and perhaps a trip to Tryon Palace to see the spring flowers.

The only unknown is whether or not my banana plant survived the winter.  We will know in a few days.  And even if the banana plant did not make it, spring will still be here in Bluewater Cove.

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