The Fish House Tradition Lives on at T&Ws

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Mon, 07/06/2009 - 10:14.
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When I was growing up in North Carolina back in the sixties, many towns had restaurants open from Thursday through the weekend that served fresh NC fish.  They were often on the outskirts of town and in simple, unpretentious buildings.

The buildings did not matter because people went for the fresh fish.  Often the owners went to the coast on their own weekly to get their fish.

The fish houses made Carolina fried seafood famous.   Fresh fried seafood with a potato, hush puppies and slaw became a treat for people living miles from the ocean.

Here on the coast, the fish houses often built their trade around local specialties.  We have all heard of Calabash shrimp.  Here on the shores of the White Oak River, T&Ws built their reputation on oysters both steamed and fried.

Many of the fish houses of my youth are long gone.  T&Ws Oyster Bar has returned to its glory days.  The fried fish and seafood brings back memories of those long gone fish houses.

Last night we had a great fried oyster and flounder dinner with baked potato, coleslaw, and hush puppies.

Earl, the original owner, was circulating through the packed restaurant to make sure that everyone was enjoying their meal.

Based on the parking lot, I would say that the tradition of NC fish houses is in safe hands with Earl.

If you are over on the Emerald Isle beach and cannot take the long waits to get into a restaurant, just drive a few miles up highway 58 and try T&Ws.  The building is far from fancy, but I suspect the fried flounder, shrimp, and oysters will be as good as your memory of the best that you have eaten.

I know that I cleaned my plate last night.  The flounder was as fresh as any I have had.  The oysters were perfectly cooked.  Even the baked potato was just right.

Earl has also added Dungeness Crab to the menu.  Until the demand for steamed oysters overwhelms the cookers in the fall, you can get a wonderful dinner of all you care to eat Dungeness Crab with two sides for $29.95.   It is one of the best seafood meals in the area.

Give T&Ws a try, the tradition lives on in Carteret County here on the Southern Outer Banks in our sea of green and blue.

I think T&Ws will show you why it is important to keep that fish and oyster house tradition alive.