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Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 01/09/2010 - 13:44.

Yesterday afternoon, after having some warmer temperatures for a few hours, we had some nice open water.  I know everyone was hoping the big freeze of 2009 was coming to an end.

However, you have to figure that if there is sleet down in the Tampa-Orlando corridor in Florida, that this cold weather has some staying power.

The good news is that the forecast for next week seems to be settling in on some renewed warmth for our area.

A day or two of fifties and sixties will help to erase the memories of these cold mornings.  We got down to 24F last night but we had a couple of nights earlier in the week when we were a few degrees colder.

The good news is that the temperature is going up today.  Yesterday we went downhill all day.  We were in the forties in the morning and by the time we headed back from Morehead City, the temperatures were in the low thirties.

The scenario of temperatures dropping all day long is one that Canadians are very familiar with in the winter.  The difference is that it can continue for four or five days.  Also it can start at a much lower temperature, something like 10F. 

Imagine dropping twenty degrees from that to the point where your low temperature is -10F.  That turns out to be your high for the next day, the temperature drops another ten degrees to make your low -20F.  Unfortunately I have seen days when -20F was the high temperature.

Now that you know how cold it can get, let us focus on those upper fifties and low sixties that we are supposed to see next week.

And remember one more thing, it could be worse.  You could have just headed off to Florida only to find the cold trailing you down there.  I just talked to one of my college roommates who did just that.  He is in Captiva, Fl., and he just told me that it is 39F there this morning.

Temperature in the thirties are not my ideal of what Florida is supposed to be.

Hopefully tonight will be the beginning of the end of this seige of cold weather.

If you would like to a 3-D journey that follows a trip that I took to Morehead City, click on this link which will take you to @trip.  There if you click on the right most icon, you will get to follow me through the magic of Google earth and some photos that my GPS logger matched to the trip.

You will need to either have already installed or install the Google earth browser plug-in.  A few of the images are slightly misplaced, but it is still a nice ride.

Eventually I will be posting the real estate caravans that we take to few newly listed property.

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