Getting ready for the season

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 04/02/2010 - 14:55.

There is something very pleasurable about getting your boat ready for the season.  Maybe the end result, a shiny new looking boat, is all the reward that you need.  It is nice to work on something as uncomplicated as cleaning a boat.

When it is as warm as it has been, getting wet does not matter. Cleaning a boat is just different.  I know cleaning a house is very frustrating because it just gets dirty again. 

Well a boat is even worse because it can get much dirtier, and if you wait to clean it, strange things can start growing.  Still the fun you have in a boat seems to more than compensate for all the scrubbing.

Even with the knowledge of how easily that clean boat gets messed up, I do not mind the effort.  Seeing the grime and stains disappear, just builds anticipation for that first trip out the Inlet.  You stand a little taller at the console if your boat is clean and shiny.

I still have a little polishing left to do, and I have to give my push pole and oar a coat of varnish.  Even with getting the oil changed, we should be ready for some early season boating in another week.

I can hardly wait, I hope the weather holds.  It looks like it will be nearly perfect for this weekend.