Glad that I went kayaking on Saturday

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After our great day on the water on Friday, I was pleased to wake up to blue skies on Saturday morning.  I had gone to bed thinking about kayaking so as soon as my chores around the house were done, I started getting ready for my  trip.

I had two goals for the trip.  Number one was to take some river pictures with my new Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1 and the other was to do a little red drum fishing.

While I have had some significant luck with puppy drum in the past, I have yet to catch one out of the White Oak much less a bigger red drum.  The experts at Dudley's Marina had recommended a particular top water plug so that was all the tackle that I was carrying except for my trusty rod and reel.

Getting a kayak in the water at my house is pretty simple.  I just carry it about eight feet from the bulkhead where it normally stays to the grass on the edge of Raymond's Gut.  I then load up and wiggle myself into the water.  My launch point is easier to use getting in than getting out. 

The slight hill that makes it so easy to get in the water, makes it hard to get out without getting wet.  I have solved that problem by having my wife haul me out with our pickup truck.  I throw her a line and she connects the short cable on my kayak to a longer one on the pickup.  The she pulls me onto the grass until I raise my paddle in the air.  It works like a charm.  If you click on the first photo and look closely, you can see the yellow tow strap.

Saturday's kayaking trip started out very nicely.  The tide was nice and high, and I had a pleasant light north wind at my back.

That made for an easy paddle out Raymond's Gut to the White Oak River.  Last night I wrote about how the entrance to the river is my gateway to fun.  Once I got into the river, I thought the wind had started to pick up.  By the time I had paddled to the middle of the river, I was sure the wind was getting stronger.

I made a few casts with no results, and then I heard the sound of boats coming down the river. I was at least one hundred yards away from the marked channel to Swansboro, but three or four boats flying by at full throttle really enhanced the increasing swells.  I continued to fish, but I also struggled to stay in position with the wind and swells.  After another couple of boats came by, I decided to call it quits.  If the winds had been calm, the swells coming at me from the north probably would not have bothered me. 

However, with some extra wind pushing them, they approached two feet which is about as much as I like to handle in the kayak.  In fact with those kind of swells, I have to give up taking pictures and fishing.  Handling the kayak and keeping it pointed in the right direction becomes the most important thing.

The paddle back to Bluewater Cove was a tough one since it was into the wind.  However, it was one of those things that felt good after it was done.  It was definitely nice to get out on the water especially since there were blue skies.

Yesterday, we just had clouds and today, the rains have come.  I will have more to say about that a little later.

I did post some pictures of my kayaking.

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