A Golden Evening on the White Oak

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Mon, 11/01/2010 - 02:38.

I am beginning to think this might be our best fall yet here on the Southern Outer Banks.  I cannot figure out how the weather might get any better.

The forecast for the next two weeks has high temperatures in the upper sixties and low seventies except for one day.  The water temperature when I took the boat out this evening was still around 67 degrees Fahrenheit.  There are not many years when you can go for a boat ride at dusk on October 31 and still be wearing shorts and tee-shirt just like during the summer months.

It is wonderful that this year is one of those years with memorable weather.   Having great weather means you can impulsively do things outside without throwing on lots of extra clothing.

Earlier in the day, things were very breezy.  Until I saw the golden light and calm river, I was content to wait for the first trick or treaters.  But once I figured out that the light and river were going to cooperate, I grabbed my boat gear, put the plug in the boat, hooked up the GPS, and headed out from Bluewater Cove to the White Oak.

There was not even a breeze as I motored out Raymond's Gut which leads to the White Oak.  The only noise besides the hum of the motor was a blue heron complaining about my intrusion into his domain.  I did not go far on the river because the sun was almost down when I got out there.

I put the boat up on plane for four buoys, and then turned back to catch the sunset and golden water.  As I idled back to the red sixteen buoy where we turn to head home, I was rewarded with some beautiful colors on the waters.

While you can capture these colors, they are hard to believe unless you experience them.  Even the nearly dark waters in the cove as I made my way back home were amazing.

There is something about a sunset on the water that is really hard to beat.  While it was nice over on the beach when we stopped by after church, the colors of the ocean waters could not compete with the sunset painted river waters this evening.

Perhaps tomorrow night I will wander over and check out the evening light at the beach.  It also can be magnificent as these Oct.10 photos show.

What a great debate to continue into November.  Just where is the evening sunset the most beautiful, beach or river?  I promise to get right on that research and faithfully report back on the results.

This kind of weather makes it easy convince people that the Crystal Coast is a great place to look for a home.

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