Great morning on the White Oak

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 05/23/2009 - 03:11.

Finally the winds dropped, the temperature went up, and we got to get on the water this morning.  I am not much for boating on Memorial Day weekend since the boat traffic is high, and the number of crazy boaters is even higher.  However, I figured that I could sneak in a trip this morning before the jet ski folks got out of bed.

When I got up early this morning, the skies were completely clear, by nine AM clouds had started moving into the area.    By the time we left our dock it was about ten AM, there was a fair bit of cloud cover, but the winds were still light.   We made a quick run down to Swansboro.

As I went down the river, I noticed that one of the buoys was missing. I believe it is red ten.  I was following my GPS track so I did not have any problems, but in my mind it is one of the more important buoys.  It is the one where if you are heading up river,  you cut back north and run parallel to the shore before making one more cut towards Silver Creek.

Our destination was Swansboro harbor, and we did a little poking around in water on the  south side of the Intracoastal at Swansboro.  I was surprised that there three boats fishing in the harbor.  There also seemed to be a fair number of boats moving on the ICW.  Based on activity on fish finder, plenty of fish were out in the river.  Who knows if they were biting.  I did not even bring a rod.

When we headed back up the river, we got behind a boat that was going fairly slow.  I was pointing out landmarks to my daughter so  I decided not to pass him.  Then he wandered off the track because of the missing buoy, and we got up to speed and stayed on the correct track.  It was not long before I saw him correcting course and falling in behind us.

I posted some pictures of our morning on the river.  If I get a chance tomorrow, I might run out and take some picures of the area where the buoy is supposed to be.

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