Icy reminder of the holidays

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sun, 01/03/2010 - 15:42.

Here I am back on the coast, and I still cannot escape the cold.  Our Christmas holiday was wonderful but snowy.  We arrived in Roanoke, Va. just as the snow was starting.  We ended up with 20 inches of the white stuff.  When we left two weeks later, there was still plenty of snow on the ground, and it had received a new coat of white day before.

I saw the temperatures here on the coast swing upwards to 60F briefly the day before we left Roanoke. Then they dropped into the forties Friday, New Year's Day.  It appears that today we will have trouble getting past the mid-thirties today.

Last night our temperature got down to 21F which is pretty cold for this area.  Considering the weather that is north of us, it was no surprise.  The Canadian Maritimes is being whacked by a blizzard today.

It is almost noon, and we have managed to make our way up to 30F.  There is a pretty stiff breeze out there, but it is nothing like the 50 mph wind gusts being endured by my college roommate who lives on the New jersey shore.

Today is a good day to snuggle up by the fireplace watch a little football, and if you must get out, make it a virtual visit to Emerald Isle (Google earth plug-in required for your browser).

If that does not satisfy you,  I might suggest some virtual bluefishing.  Surely it is  better to watch virtual trips than freeze in the cold breeze.

It is the holidays and certainly at this time of year, staying close to family and friends is more important than being outside in the cold breeze.

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