It is the time of year for things to take off

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Spring is always a bumpy ride, but things besides the white herons are starting to take off.

Today we wandered inland twenty miles to visit some nice neighborhoods in Jacksonville, NC.   It is no secret that in early spring the coastal areas take a little longer to warm up.

All the water that got chilled during the winter has to be warmed up before the whole area can stay warm.

The difference between warm land and cool waters often creates a fair amount of wind this time of year.  There is no way to get around it.  We just have to wait for temperatures to equalize a little.

Just going a few miles inland generally means that you will see flowers and trees blooming that we will not find on the coast until a week or so later in the year.  That was the case today. While I had only seen the first of the daffodils in the warmest spots in Swansboro, Jacksonville was a different story.

We saw a great row of early daffodils, even some tulips, and the first few blooming cherry trees

On the way back home, we did notice that the Bradford pear trees at the gates to our subdivision are showing some signs of life. Things are getting ready to explode.

Winter is winding down here on the coast, and spring is beginning to take off.  There will be some bumps in the road, but we will get to spring and to summer before we know it.  All those cold days and snow will just be memories.

I usually issue a call to my Canadian friends to come visit the Southeast during late March and early April.

This year as we see our first signs of warmth, I can tell that the last couple of months of weather in the North country must have been pretty bad.  Last night we got a call that a couple of our Maritime friends. They are actually coming to visit us in March.

I hope we have some good weather for them. Spring can be unpredictable.   I am looking forward to some heat myself, but for now I am really glad that we are not facing cold rain or snow this weekend.  I don't want to have to start wearing a coast again.

I am going to be doing some dreaming of summer as we face some gusty wind this Friday.

Summer is closer than we think, and it might even get warm enough in August to dream about some of that snow sliding by to cool us off.

One dream did come true this week.  My new website got off the ground on February 24.  The first post is up on the site.

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