A morning at the beach

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sun, 03/06/2011 - 22:44.

Friday March 4 my wife dropped me at the vehicle ramp by Inlet Drive and Bogue Ct. on Emerald Isle.  I often stop there for a quick walk out on the Point which is one of my favorite places.  If you have a look at the current Google map of the area or the picture that I took in November 2007, you might think that a quick walk is all that you could get.

Sometimes you need to remember that just because something is on the Internet does not mean that the information is correct.

The truth as of March 5, 2011 is that there is 1400 feet of sand stretching from the vehicle ramp at the Point to the water by Bogue Inlet.  That is a lot of sand not to show on a map.

It took me longer than expected to walk out to the water and back so I knew that if I took the time to explore, I might end up hitching a ride back to Bluewater Cove since my wife has a limited tolerance for aimlessly driving around subdivisions while I am wandering.

Wisely I hoofed it back to the road quickly and made plans for my own expedition on Saturday morning.  Saturday wasn't quite as sunny as Friday, but it was still warm and nice.  In fact it was nice enough that I could wear shorts and just a long-sleeved tee shirt on my trip to the beach.  I always consider it a major victory when I can wear shorts while walking the beaches before March 30.

March 30 is when my official dress policy goes from blue jeans and crocs to shorts and Birkenstocks.

My trip from our subdivision to Emerald Isle usually only takes ten minutes.  Saturday morning was an exception since they were paving Route 58 through Emerald Isle.  The complex algorithm that they were using for routing traffic meant that I waited about 10 minutes almost in sight of Coast Guard Road where I needed turn off of Highway 58.

I would have been very happy to wait on the bridge where I could have spent my time taking pictures, but I was stuck in the neatly landscaped "Welcome to Emerald Isle" section which is in the woods with no view.  Still I am a patient person, and I refused to let a minor traffic delay irritate me on the way to some great fun.

Once I got on Coast Guard Road, it only took a few minutes to get to the parking lot where I launched my adventure.  I walked from the parking lot along Coast Guard Road and eventually took a left on Inlet Drive and made the short walk to the CAMA beach access point. The walk is less than ten minutes.

After that I spend the next almost one hour and one half hours walking along the edge of the water enjoying one of the most beautiful places in North America.  I managed to cover nearly three miles.  The Point is a wonderful place to explore because the current maps do not match the reality of the area.

It is actually a rare chance to explore the unknown in this modern world of ours.  It is also an area that will change between today and tomorrow.  There are not many places where your senses can be so alive as they are on the Point. 

If you have never visited the Point, you need to make the time to do it.  It will remind you of the simple beauty of sand and surf.

Here are some pictures that I took on March 4 and some more taken March 5.  The sky and water was nicer on March 5, but I had more fun on the second trip.  I had shorts on, and there was no deadline to rush me. 

I am looking forward to getting back again this week.