Now Wind is Blowing Out the Gut

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 03/01/2011 - 14:45.

There is nothing like being on a weather roller coaster.  I hope the old  "In like a lion, out like lamb" saying works for this March.  Most of yesterday we had a strong southwest wind which blows right up the gut that runs behind our home to the White Oak River.

You can see the gut on this Google map which records the river water temperature check that I did with our skiff on Sunday afternoon.

With the strong winds blowing up the Gut on February 28, the water looked different then than it does on March 1 when the water is blowing down the gut from a more northerly direction. Just compare the picture in my post, Blowing up the Gut, to the one in this post. If you click on the picture in Blowing up the Gut post, it will enlarge.  The one in this post won't, but you can still see the difference.

There are times of the year, especially in the spring when extreme tides and winds can combine to either give us lots of water or almost no water.  You just never know what Mother Nature is going to serve up

On February 28, it would have a struggle to get out the gut in kayak.  One day later, you would only to use a paddle to steer a little.

In spite of overwhelming signs of spring, I find early March a really difficult time of year.  Everything looks nice outside, and in general, it is getting warmer quickly.  However, the winds can change all your planning.  I love to kayak in early spring.  However, sometimes I can put my kayak in the water and paddle five minutes to find out that the wind has shifted so much that I am fighting  a losing battle.  I do like to joke that most times, either paddling out or paddling in is very easy because it is not unusual to have a tail wind on one leg of the trip.

I have blown out the gut in my kayak with almost no paddling effort.  Once or twice the wind shift was so dramatic that I also got a free ride back to my launch area.

While you don't have to pay as much attention with our skiff and its 90 HP motor as you do with my kayak, I am not fond of anchoring in the river only to have waves crash into the skiff continually. Normally that means I also wait for quiet condition before boating.  However, as my good friend, Ed, likes to say.  The wind is always blowing somewhere and calm somewhere else.  You just have to find the else.

The truth is that no matter how impatient I am to get on the water, I usually have to wait until Mother Nature decides to calm things down.

We did make it to 73F on February 28.  The weathermen mentioned that there were some locations that made it to 80F further inland.  March 1 looks like it is going to be much cooler, but I am hoping the 60F water temperature means that we will make it to 60F.

Whatever, we get to today, is better than the forecast for Edmonton, Alberta where we have some friends living.  I don't know whether the Canadians are messing with the thermometers to prevent cabin fever or not, but Environment Canada reported -20F in Edmonton on March 1 while the Weatherunderground reported -40F.  It does not look like double digit warmth is in the cards for Edmonton for a while.

The Edmontonians just need to read my revised Emerald Isle Travel Guide and drop by for a visit so their frozen souls can thaw.

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