A quick visit to Beaufort

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Thu, 04/29/2010 - 12:57.

Yesterday I had a closing in Morehead City.  We needed to wait around until the deed was recorded so we decided to make a trip to Beaufort.

We had actually been in Beaufort on Monday when we showed some friends the Crystal Coast.  Since we were with friends, we deferred to what they wanted to do.  When we left Beaufort Monday afternoon, we still had a few things that we wanted to do.

The chance to come back to Beaufort was welcome. First we went for lunch at Spouter's.  Their clam chowder is wonderful, and I always enjoy having lunch with a water view.  The only problem is that I had a few spoonfuls of my chowder, and the I saw an opportunity for a neat photograph of a small sailboat.

I walked out on the outside dining deck and snapped a few photos.  When I got back to my bowl of chowder, most of it was gone.  My wife had taken advantage of me.  She really enjoyed my chowder.  What I had was exceptional.

However, I think I would rather have a Smitty's Big Fish from Chowda Heads in Emerald Isle than a Spouter's Flounder sandwich.  We have had some great evening meals at Spouter's but you just have to face the facts that lunch in Beaufort is almost always expensive. Eight dollars for a piece of flounder half the size of your hand is more than a little expensive.

We managed to walk around Beaufort and visit some of my wife's favorite shops that she had missed on her Monday visit.  One that she really likes is "Art and Soul."  They have some very reasonably priced oil can art from Haiti. 

We also got to tour a couple of very unique Beaufort homes. It was a good visit to Fish Town.

After our Beaufort visit we headed back to Morehead City.  Getting the deed recorded took longer than expected so my wife got to visit TJ Maxx, and eventually we got to stop by Dairy Queen.  I managed to have a Blueberry-Blackberry Orange Julius while my wife enjoyed a hot fudge sundae.  I guess that was our celebration for the house that I sold.

It certainly was a beautiful day.  We enjoyed being out and about in Beaufort and Morehead City.  We even discovered that Morehead City is getting an Olive Garden Restaurant.  Now all we need is a Target.

I posted some pictures of the trip on Picasa Web Albums.