Quiet in the ocean yesterday

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 10/02/2009 - 12:38.

Yesterday was a busy day.  I had to attend a sales meeting in Pine Knoll Shores at 9 AM.  I left from Bluewater Cove at about 8:25 AM and made it with time to spare.

I took the scenic route up the beach.  It is a measure of how quiet it is now that I made the 22 mile trip in thirty minutes or less.  We all know better than to speed on the beach road so there has to no traffic to make it that far in such a short time.

I did hit all four Emerald Isle stoplights on green so that helped a little.

On my way back down the beach just before noon, I called my fishing buddy, Brian, and asked if he was still okay with going fishing in the afternoon.  He asked if his dad could come along, and of course I agreed.  We decided to leave our dock at 2 PM.

I grabbed some lunch at home, changed and headed to Clyde Phillip's for bait shrimp.  I was impressed by the large Sheepshead on ice at Clyde's.  The estimated weight was six pounds.  That was smaller than the nine pound one that Ed, my fellow real estate agent and sometimes shrimper, got the other nigh in his net.

We swung by the ice machine on Highway 58 and headed back home to load the boat. I had almost finished loading the boat when Brian and his dad showed up.

We left the dock promptly and by shortly after 2:30 PM were out the Inlet and turning down the beach towards Hammocks Beach. There was one spot of water where we were down to about 1.9 ft for a short stretch and then we found some deeper water inside the sandbar where we wanted to fish.

We fished for forty-five minutes or so with only a couple of sea mullet being landed and then decided to go farther down the beach.   We anchored and almost instantly both Brian and his dad had red drum on.  I had barely got into the water, but reeled in quickly and got the net.

Brian eventually worked his drum over to the side of the boat and I netted him.   His dad's drum was still putting up a good fight so we had time to measure Brian's drum before returning it to the water.  It came in at 25.5 inches.  I passed the net to Brian, and shortly afterward he got his dad's drum on board. It was about half and inch shorter.   It was also released.

We fished another 30 to 45 minutes in the same spot with only a small bluefish being landed.  I was hoping to get a shot at a drum, but all I managed to catch was a pinfish.

Eventually we headed back in and stopped along the Intracoastal to fish one of my favorite spots.  We had no luck there so we headed back up the White Oak.

Our conclusion is that the water is still pretty murky and that the fish are still not here in large numbers.

Still it was a beautiful day to be on the water.  In fact after we docked and unloaded, I convinced my wife to go for a short sunset cruise.  It was nice on the White Oak last night.

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