Rumbles along the Crystal Coast from the tail end of Lee

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Wed, 09/07/2011 - 14:05.

Thunder is rumbling along the coast the morning of September 7, 2011.  We are just catching a bit of the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee.

Some of the thunder and lightning has been impressive, but we actually were in need of some rain.  Ten days after Hurricane Irene dumped over ten inches of rain on us, things were starting to dry out.  I actually ran our sprinklers yesterday and watered my surviving tomato plants.

As noon has slipped up on me, there appears to be some blue sky to the west of us over Swansboro.  The rain has stopped at least for now though the forecast says that thunderstorms might re-develop this afternoon.

The morning's rains brought us somewhere between one half an inch and three quarters of an inch of precipitation depending on which one of my rain gauges one can believe.  Likely I will just average it out and say that we got a little over six tenths of an inch of rain.

The temperature actually dropped briefly to the mid-seventies. We have not been below 80F for a number of days, and as the morning finishes we are just now recovering to 80F. It will be warm this afternoon.

Lee's reach and the front that triggered our rains is impressive.  While it was raining here on the Southern Outer Banks, it was also raining in Bangor, Maine and most places in between the two spots.

When we went out to run some errands on the Tuesday after Labor Day, it was easy to notice the absence of crowds.  While the area still has visitors around, the numbers aren't as great as they have been this summer which has been a great one for tourists here on the Crystal Coast.

We are on our way to fall, my favorite time of the year on the coast.  It is a really spectacular time of year.  We will lose much of the humidity that hangs around in summer.  The mornings will be cooler, but the area's waters will stay warm.

If we are lucky, fishing will start to pick up.  The fall fishing season is one of my favorite times to get out on the water.

Labor Day weekend, I continued my early morning reconnaissance boat rides into the marshes.   Sunday, September 4, the White Oak River was absolutely beautiful when I took my early morning ride down the river before church.  If it is possible the marshes and water near Huggins Island on the south side of the ICW were even more beautiful than the river.

The early morning boat ride was a nice prelude to a Sunday evening visit to Third Street Beach, one of our favorite beaches on Emerald Isle.  Sunday, September 4, you would struggle to call the beach crowded.

My wife put her chair on the beach and watched a few people stroll by while I tried to figure out the damage that Irene might have done to Third Street.  There seems to be a fair amount of dune loss in places, and the slope of the beach is smoother.

I guess the new sand at the Point had to come from somewhere.  There is no doubt there was damage from Irene here on the Crystal Coast, but the area has survived and things are getting back to normal.

With that said and fall approaching, it is a great time to visit the Crystal Coast.  Check out my "Welcome to the Beach" site for more  travel information on the area.  If you are considering a move to the beach you might want to read my article, "What to learn from Irene."