A slow start on a foggy morning

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sun, 02/27/2011 - 14:29.

Spring is never a smooth ride. Saturday morning I had a wonderful walk along our boardwalk.  The weather was great, and I did not even need a coat. 

I did have to make a u-turn when I saw one of our resident great blue herons enjoying the early morning sunshine. I hate to disturb anyone soaking up the sun.

Later in the morning I worked in our yard pulling out wild onions which seem to be hard to eradicate in any environmentally friendly way.  I got so warm that when I went in for lunch, I changed to shorts and a tee shirt.

After lunch I even went out on our dock barefooted and wearing the same shorts and tee shirt. At 67F with bright sunshine, I was very comfortable.   I even managed to stalk one of our blue herons and get a great picture of him about to catch his lunch.

I had a few things to do maintaining one of my websites, so I retired to my upstairs office where I am proud to report that I have a handful of tomato seedlings growing.

After working a few minutes upstairs, I went out on our deck to take a picture. It took me only seconds to notice that our weather had changed.  I had my wife check our porch thermometer.  It had dropped from 67F to 56F in the space of an hour or so.  The clouds had also rolled into the area, and our sunshine was gone.

That weather change ended my thoughts of riding over to Beaufort to get some new pictures to use in updating my Beaufort, NC travel guide.

Instead I took a trip to Dudley's Marina to get my 2011 fishing license.  There were even some sprinkles of rain along the way.  After accomplishing my mission at Dudley's, I headed over to Food Lion on Emerald Isle to pick up a few vegetables to grill with the steak my wife had pulled from the freezer.  If you are not familiar with the area, you can see the trip on this map.

The steak and veggies from the grill turned out to be delicious, and I spent a quiet evening, except for the noise of a few peepers, doing an update to my Emerald Isle, NC travel guide. As with any web page, I am sure that I will find some mistakes that I missed as the clock approached midnight.

Switching back to doing a website by hand coding the HTML is always an exercise in patience.  It is so easy to make a mistake when you are doing something that demands precision.  I rarely delve into HTML, but there are some good reasons for doing my travel guide this way.

This morning I actually had to reboot myself.  I got up just before seven AM to have my morning coffee.  After the first cup of coffee, I was so sleepy that I decided to "rest my eyes" on our sofa.  Thirty minutes later, I made another try at starting my morning.  I am guessing that Bluewater Cove being fogged in when I got out of bed might have also fogged my brain.

After my nap I went for a morning walk around the boardwalk, but there were no great blue herons waiting for me.  By the time I had retrieved the paper and returned home, the fog was starting to burn off.

Now we have blue skies, and it looks like this Sunday, February 27, might be a great day for a trip to Beaufort after we go to church. Of course, it might get warm enough that I need to go see if my new fishing license works.

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