Some relaxing kayaking on the White Oak with a little excitement

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Thu, 06/11/2009 - 00:03.

Finally all the elements cooperate so that I can enjoy a few hours kayaking on the White Oak River.  A few times earlier this spring I tried ot venture out on the White Oak.  Unfortunately each time the winds were strong enough to convince me to head back to shore after a short time on the river.

Today was different.  I knew that as I paddled out into the river.  There was just a slight breeze as I did the short paddle from Bluewater Cove to the White Oak.  There was one particular area that I had been wanting to fish all year so I headed straight for it.

Kayak fishing without an anchor in a tidal river is a little challenging. You end up paddling a lot to get into position for just a few casts.  I did a lot of that today, but the spot I found was everything that I expected it to be.  I just need to figure out how to catch the fish that are there.

My spot has a shallow oyster bed. It forms a plateau which is nicely flooded at high tide.  On the north side of it is sharp cut which funnels a lot of water into a small area.  There were fish in there today, but they were not hitting anything that I had in my tackle box.  Maybe tomorrow I will try fishing the area with our skiff so I can anchor in the right place.

Still I had a lot of fun fishing and learning the tidal dynamics of the area. I am sure that the information that I learned today will lead to some nice fish.

The morning was not without some excitement,  A skiff was fishing on the other side of my plateau.  There were five or six fishermen on the skiff, and they were slowly fishing the area using a front mounted electric motor.

I was fishing with my back to them, and I heard a huge splash and a lot of yelling.  I had to turn my kayak to figure out that one of the fishermen had fallen overboard.  I think he fell in about four feet of water.   It turned out that falling in the water was the easy part.  From what I could tell the skiff did not have steps on the stern.  It took a lot of work to get the damp fisherman back into the boat.

They continued fishing so I guess he was not seriously hurt.  It was probably another 45 minutes before I noticed that they had disappeared.

While my fishing luck seemed to be absent today, I still really enjoyed my few hours on the White Oak.  There is nothing like a kayak to get close to the water and to make civilization disappear.  You also end up getting some great exercise especially when you have to keep working against the tides to fish the right spots.

I got home just before 1 pm.  It is always nice to get your body out of the kayak so your limbs can get back to normal.

After a late lunch of a tunafish sandwich dressed up with homegrown tomato, I will admit to taking a nap which made my kayaking adventure just about perfect.

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