Some rough surf over on the Island

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 01/26/2010 - 13:17.

The rains actually stopped fairly early yesterday.  I had heard predictions of high surf conditions so I took a couple minutes to check it out on a trip to get some gas for my car.

As you can see, the water was stirred up.  I did not see any huge waves or damage to the beach, but I was impressed with the amount of foam the surf had created.

When we lived in Canada, and our children were small, they would enjoy chasing the foam around a beach after a winter storm. They always managed to get wet which usually brought an end to the game.

Speaking of wet, the latest rains have caused some more minor street flooding on Emerald Isle.  When I stopped for gas I could hear the pumps running.  Even the road leading to the Wilco gas station had water across two of the three lanes.

There were also fire hoses across Islander Drive as they continue to pump water from one section of the island to the next.

I am sure people are ready for some dry weather, but it looks like we have another chance of more precipitation by the weekend.

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