A spring break?

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 04/06/2012 - 14:35.

After a really nice March 2012 when each day either the beach or the water seemed to be calling me even when the wind was blowing, the weather on Friday, April 6, does seem like a break from spring.

While it is too early to tell for certain, initial signs are that unlike March when only three days saw below normal high temperatures.  April might give us temperatures closer to the average with only nine days instead of twenty-eight days above normal.

That's okay with me because it will make the strawberry season last longer.  This year we got our first local ripe berries on April 4.  That is earlier than some years like 2011 when we didn't get to taste fresh berries until April 18.

I am even happier that it is raining.  Last time I checked, we were already closing in on 1.5 inches of rain since yesterday. 

Considering our precipitation in March of 2012 wasn't really that much different than March of 2011, we need a pattern of regular rain if we are to avoid last year when we went from May 5 until August 14 with only about three inches of rain.

None of us want to deal with the smoke and heat that bedeviled us for much of July 2011.  Our drought was not broken and the wildfires completely extinguished until hurricane Irene visited us at the end of August 2011.

March 2012 started out very warm, and the warmth continued into the first few days of April.  Last year things cooled off after the third week of March, but April 2011 was a fantastic month.

I am not sure there any patterns that we can discern from our early warm spring which has cooled off. As always weather patterns change to a rhythm which is beyond our understanding, and that is fine with me.

I cannot complain very much, I have already had a March dip in the neighborhood pool, a nice early morning fishing trip, and a great time wading in the ocean waters near the Point at Emerald Isle.