The state of the beach

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sun, 08/23/2009 - 17:58.

Hurricane Bill has been in the news a lot.  We watched some swells building earlier in the week.  Last night we went over to the beach for a walk.

We wanted to see if the high water and potentially heavy surf from Bill had made any changes to the beach.

Of course the beach changes even with regular surf so I guess you could say that we were just checking on the state of the beach.

There were very few people at the Eastern Regional Access as we continued up the beach.  My favorite beach is the nearly invisible Third Street Beach. 

As we parked, I was pleased to note that we were the only car in the lot.  It did not take us but a minute or two to get on the beach and notice the foamy state of the water.

There were some pretty good size waves breaking, but they were breaking far out beyond the normal sandbar.  In places the water had six inches of foam on it.

The combination of the foamy water, late even light, breaking waves, and interesting blue skies really got my camera going.  I took a lot of pictures.  I ended up posted a little over 100 shots of the beach.

It will take me a while to decide my favorites, but at least I have it "narrowed down to just over 100."

The only other changes we noted were that the sand shelf which is normally on Third Street Beach had been replaced by a nice gentle slope.   Our shells that we like to look at were gone, and we noticed the high water had almost made it to the steps.

The area around Third Street Beach does not have a lot of dune protection.  In fact unless the recent changes in the law on dunes lines changed things, there are some beach homes east of the area which are non-conforming which means they normally cannot be rebuilt if they are severely damaged in a storm.

It was a very pleasant evening on the beach with less wind than normal and great beach walking conditions.