Staying positive about the cool beach weather

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 04/20/2010 - 13:33.

After an absence of a couple of weeks, we had a welcome return to the coast from the mountains this past weekend.  Southern mountains can deliver some weather surprises like the two days of temperatures in nineties that we saw, but we also had one day when the temperature did not get above fifty degrees.

One of my friends accused me of bringing cool weather with me.  I wish it was that easy.  I might make regular trips to the mountains in mid-August.  We did wake up to some almost mountain like cool weather both Monday and Tuesday mornings.

I am trying to think some positive thoughts like those folks that I saw wearing bathing suits over on the beach yesterday afternoon.  It was nice to see some visitors on the beach.

On our trip back, I had thoughts of finding some fresh local strawberries. Unfortunately, the persistent cool weather this spring seems to be have them behind what we have seen in the last few years.  I was hoping we could at least match the mid-April date on the 2007 strawberries, but based on our trip by one of the local farms, I think we will have to wait until the last week of April this year.  The good thing is that persistent cool, dry weather will allow for a longer berry season.

The cool weather has meant that the area's azalea's are at their peak now and likely to stay beautiful for another few days.  It probably is a good time to visit Tryon Palace.  The flowers in the Palace's gardens are likely at their peak, and it is a lot more pleasant visiting the gardens when the weather is a little cooler.On Sunday May 2,  you can visit the gardens for free.  There is always something interesting going on at Tryon Palace.

It is harder to think of some positive thoughts on the cool weather and fishing.  As far as I can tell, even Dr. Bogus has not had a lot of luck recently.  We should be seeing more fish as the waters warm, but the water is not going to warm very much as long as the evening temperatures are dropping into the forties.  I guess we will have to pass this off as a great time for boat maintenance and getting ready for the season.

While I know that we will get heat soon enough, I would love to have a couple of warm days just to get my memories fired up.  Until then I will concentrate on remembering how much nicer it is to mow my yard in cool temperatures instead of the heat of summer.

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