Stunning weather on the beach

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 05/20/2011 - 11:42.

Living on the Crystal Coast has some amazing benefits, and one my favorites is the ability to be walking on amazingly beautiful beaches about ten to fifteen minutes after the idea pops into my head.

Thursday, May 19, I needed to banish all memories of the cold, rainy weather that I found on a recent trip to the Virginia mountains where we saw temperatures as low as 48F and rain which seemed to know exactly when we planned to be outside.

It turned out to be ones of those days that is perfect for a beach walk.  There was just enough breeze to keep me comfortable in temperatures in the mid-seventies, and it turned out that I walking at nearly low tide which is important if you are planning a long beach walk like I typically do.

If you start your walk an hour or so before low tide, you will usually find the best surface for beach walks unless there have been some strong on shore winds which can fluff up the beach sand.

On Thursday I walked from James Street to William St. and back.  The hike ended up being 5.64 miles and took slightly less than two hours of actual moving time.  Of course I always have to stop and take a few pictures, so my hike lasted almost two and one half hours.

Even with the great weather, there were very few people on the beach.  I did see more people in the area than I did when I hiked part of the same route on April 10. It won't be long before there will be more people on the beach, but it never really gets crowded.

My May 19 hike was a big deal to me.  My goal this spring has been to hike all of the beaches inside the town limits of Emerald Isle. With the completion of the James St. to William St. section, I now have less than half a mile of beach to hike to complete my goal.  While what I have hiked looks good on the map, it is even more impressive when you learn that I have hiked everything at least twice since I end up hiking to a point and then doubling back to where I have parked.

My beach hikes total well over thirty miles so far this spring.  Since I have seen almost all the beach in Emerald Isle, my wife asked me what my favorite section is.  Being a fisherman probably colors my view, but my absolute favorite spot is just east of the Point where there is a small spit of sand that allows you to fish a couple of channels of water.

The truth is that I enjoy all the beaches, or I wouldn't be walking them all.  My hike on Thursday took me through some beautiful isolated stretches of beach.  I really enjoyed the hike and look forward to finishing my challenge soon.