Summer Images Save A Rainy Day

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Saturday January 21, 2012 was a damp, gloomy day with fortunately not a lot of winter attached to it.

However, it was just rainy and windy enough to keep me from my afternoon exercise of walking around the marshes here in Bluewater Cove.

My walk isn't a very long one.  Unless I do a lot of doubling back and a few laps on the road which isn't visible in the old Google aerial photo, it is hard to even get in two miles of walking.

Still a few minutes out in the fresh air under what is usually a brilliant blue sky is a great antidote for the winter blues.

Keeping winter out of my head gets more difficult when I miss a few days of walking.  This Thursday I was busy catching up on some correspondence, and Friday we went to Morehead City and Beaufort.  The highlight of the trip was a barbecue lunch at Smithfield's and seeing some Mergansers in the Beaufort Harbor.

While my hopes were high for nice weekend, Saturday started out damp, and though the rain stopped just before dark, it has started again.  With Saturday's weather keeping me inside, that left me missing three days of walks.

I am not complaining about the weather because it would be nice to start the growing season with some moisture in the ground instead of powder dry like the last couple of years.

Yet when I have to stay inside, it is hard to stay optimistic, so I try to let my imagination on the loose. It helps keep the dreary weather from breaking down my spirits. 

With lots of great summer memories, it is hard to choose. While I love thinking about wonderful beach walks, what really causes me to soar away from the the gloom of a rainy day is thinking about summer boating in the marshes.

We are blessed to have lots of water that is still the same as when God made it.  I took the photo at the top of this post behind Bear Island in August this summer.

The air was warm and the water wasn't much cooler.  It was one of those great days on the water when you could see forever across the marshes.

We didn't catch very many fish, but it was still one of those days that I can use to pull myself through the winter.

More pictures of the trip are at this Picasa Web Album.

It is also a good day to vote for Beaufort in the America's Coolest Small Towns contest.

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