Summer in the South on the coast

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One of the many things I get asked about the area is just how hot and how humid does it get here along the Southern Outer Banks. To anyone who is looking for an answer to that question, now would be a great time to come for a visit and find out for yourself.

Like much of the east coast, we survived a much colder than normal winter which even gave us some measurable snow for the first time in years. Spring eventually came, but it was windy and dry.

Then someone turned on the oven and forgot to turn it off.  We had at least one day the past week when the temperature was above eighty degrees Fahrenheit for over sixteen hours.  To the south of us, Myrtle Beach set a record high temperature of 97 degrees.  Here on the Crystal Coast, we only reached the lower to mid-nineties, but the humidity was so bad that the heat index reached 104 a couple of days.

While this all sounds bad, it is not nearly as bad as it sounds. At noon on Wednesday which was one of the hotter days, we took our granddaughter over to the beach.  We wore sandals and Crocs to keep our feet cool until we got across the hot sand.  Once we reached the water's edge, we were fine.  There was a nice breeze, and the water felt great.  We were covered in sun screen and only stayed for 45 minutes, but we made some great memories in spite of the heat.

This morning I felt like going for a boat ride.  My cell phone was not charged so I had to wait a few minutes for it to charge, but I still managed to get out on the river about 7:45 AM.  In spite of the building heat and humidity, the ride down the river at 30 MPH felt wonderful.  The water was beautiful, and I had the boat on a perfect plane.  I snapped the picture of Swansboro at just after 8 AM, and I was back cooking breakfast by 8:30 AM.

I have been in the pool a couple of times early in the morning this week.  One was on Monday when I mowed the yard.  I rinsed off and went over to the pool to cool off.  It was just perfect.  There is nothing like floating around on your back while looking at palm trees and beautiful blue skies. 

I have at times got hot enough that the only way I could really cool off was to get in the salt water and wait for a wave to smack me in the middle of my back. I still haven't been that hot this year.

I did have to wet the concrete at 1 PM the other day when in my bare feet I was watering some plants along our driveway.  It was too hot to walk on otherwise.

You do get used to hot weather.  We only cool our home to 77 degrees.  Otherwise you would feel like you are walking into a meat cooler.  I never would have guessed that I could be comfortable at 77 degrees Fahrenheit.  I always thought that 72 degrees was bordering on hot.

When we moved from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Columbia, Maryland in the summer of 1989, I thought our family would die of heat stroke.  My son was so traumatized that he wore shorts summer and winter for the next ten years.  He used to drive his friends' mothers crazy after we moved to Roanoke, Va when he would show up in shorts with snow on the ground.

I am just hoping that we can get some rain.  We can take the heat if we can get moisture.  We had some some great local corn from Winberry's last night for dinner.  When I bought it Sara Winberry told me that she was worried about the rest of their corn crop if there isn't some rain soon.

While it is expected to remain hot during the day for at least another week, I can assure you that the Atlantic ocean will still work for cooling off even after another week of heat.

Just stay inside during the heat of the day and read.  I can offer up my latest post, Life Is Simpler at the Beach.

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