Sunset on the White Oak at River Oaks

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Thu, 08/27/2009 - 13:21.

Late yesterday evening I was up the White Oak near Stella showing a home.  After the clients had left we pulled into the community boat ramp area and watched the sun start going down.

River Oaks is one my favorite communities on the White Oak.  You feel very close to the water there.  It also seems like a friendly community.  There is usually someone out walking.  In contrast to many communities the homes at River Oaks are spread out and come in a wide variety of styles.

Some riverfront communities are so wooded that you do not feel like you are on the water. Other that some beautiful Live Oaks, River Oaks has just the right amount of trees.   

River Oaks is also a boating community.  People use their boats, and I take some comfort from that.

I have seen riverfront communities advertised with a boat ramp only to find the boat ramp a little questionable when I investigated.  That would be a faux boating community.

Yesterday was a long day.  After showing property in the evening and grabbing a hamburger for dinner, we headed home around nine PM.  I got a call from my clients that they wanted to make an offer.  By the time I went home, got my laptop, wrote up the offer, and got back home it was approaching 11:30 PM.

Even at that hour I had some emails to answer, and now this morning it is time to face mowing the yard once again in our still humid and hot air which I do not suppose TS Danny will help.

I am looking forward to fall.