Surfing at the Pier

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 11/13/2009 - 02:04.

As is often the case during a storm, my wife and I went looking for the danger spots.  First we checked out West Firetower Road which is our normal route to town.  The almost one foot of rain had washed out its shoulder, forcing closure and causing us a slight detour.

Next we headed across the Cameron-Langston Bridge to Emerald Isle.  It is great place to survey the area, and if we are having serious winds you can usually feel them.   The winds were not bad on the bridge, but we run into increasing misty rain.

I wanted to check out the surfers at Bogue Inlet Pier.  It always seems to draw a crowd.  I was really surprised when we got there.  There were plenty of surfers, but the waves were not as impressive as we often see when a big storm is well off shore.

You can compare the pictures that I took today with some that I took on a quiet summer evening.  I think the surfers were having a good time today and the waves were slightly bigger, but I suspect they were looking for more and even bigger waves.

We headed back home to wait for high tide which turned out to be not nearly as high as this morning's tide.

My rain gauge had another two tenths of an inch of rain in it.  That puts our total for Ida up to 11.7 inches.  It is back to raining tonight so we might yet break the one foot mark.

It is not surprise that no one is talking drought around here.  In just three storms this summer and fall we have seen 27 inches of rain.  Even if you just do Ida and the next wettest storm, we are at over twenty inches.   I am just glad that rain did not fall in the mountains.  There would have been tremendous damage.

I think the washed out road shoulder is the total damage from the three storms.