Then there was no wind

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Yesterday afternoon the winds started dying down after the previous day when they were first blowing strongly from the southwest and then turned and came from the northwest even more forcefully.

Of course we had warm temperatures when the wind was blowing.  Now that the winds have stopped, the temperatures have dropped.  We can hope for a nice warm day with no winds which will make us think of summer. Just maybe it will not take as long as last year.

Wind is more often a part of spring than warming temperatures. The one thing that I miss about winter is that we no longer have herons and pelicans at our doorstep every morning.

It was such a treat to have them so close by this winter.  Fortunately some of the smaller birds are still near by, and I still get to enjoy them and occasionally get some nice pictures.  Yesterday I got a great picture of a bluebird in the morning and pretty good one of a snipe at dusk.

My afternoon hike takes me along the edge of the marsh and back up the road in the new section of our subdivision.  The Google imagery doesn't show the road, but it is there.  Most of my hike is through the woods. How much rain we have received recently determines how close I  can walk along the edges of the water since the marsh areas can get very wet.  Yesterday I got to see a pair of mallards, but the sunlight was so strong on them, and they were so far across the marsh from me, that the pictures I took of them were not great.

It is neat to walk the marsh area one day in the wind and come back the next day and there is no wind.  Now that the waters are warming, I will be watching for signs of fish.

My trip out in the White Oak
Sunday afternoon confirmed that the river waters have warmed quickly this year.  The warm water that is in place now is a huge change from the frozen water that led me to go on an ice breaking mission early in January.

With changeable spring weather, I plan to spend some time on the water whenever the conditions are right.  Life is too short to miss some great water time.

Last night I worked late into the evening to get an update done to my Southern Outer Banks website.  This will probably be the last update before I move to a new format.  This month I have the update both on my new website and on the old website.  I am hoping to just move the domain to my hosting provider, but those things are never easy.

It is a whole lot easier to go on a nice quiet walk through the marshes and enjoy a spring day when the winds have decided not to blow.

Maybe with the weather improving folks will be more interested in visiting the Crystal Coast.  If so my newly revised Emerald Isle Travel Guide is ready for them.

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