Time for Bogue Sound Watermelons

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Thu, 07/15/2010 - 11:42.

We are at the mid-point of summer, and it is time to get one of those delicious Bogue Sound watermelons.

Here along the Southern Outer Banks, eating one of those delicious melons is one of the special treats of summer.

On a hot summer evening while you are spending a week at the beach, eating a Bogue Sound watermelon is just one of the things you do while visiting Emerald Isle.

Yesterday I stopped by Winberry's produce stand and picked up a couple of the smaller melons.  As you can see from the picture, the melon I cut was picture perfect.

I talked to Sara, the owner, while I was paying for my produce.  She told me they have been growing watermelons for over 55 years.  She said that at this time of the year almost everything in their stand comes from right from their fields.

As if to prove her point, some folks form their farm were unloading Silver Queen corn fresh from the fields.  I farmed for over then years, and I am a long time gardener.  When I picked up a couple of ears of corn, I could immediately tell that they had just been pulled from the stalk.

One of the best parts of summer here on the Crystal Coast is enjoying the local produce, from the strawberries in April to the sweet potatoes in August. 

All I grow in my small patch of ground around the house is a few tomato plants, but home grown tomatoes are another special area treat.  This year the early crop has been especially good.  I have been enjoying my home grown tomatoes since June 2.

Late last week I put my fall crop of tomato plants in the ground.  If we have a quiet fall, I could enjoy them well into December. Seven months of local tomatoes is a pretty nice way to go into winter.

Bogue Sound watermelons are worth a special trip to the produce stand.  Their sweetness is like a summer kiss that you can remember for years.

It is one of those memories that will make winter seem warmer.