Time for Oysters in Swansboro

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 03/18/2011 - 13:50.

I don't think we could have ordered better weather for this weekend's Oyster Roast and Pig Out at the Swansboro Rotary Civic Center Saturday, March 19 from 5-8 PM.

The tickets are $45 at the door and $40 dollars if you buy from a Rotary Club member before the event.  There is a great slide show set to music at the Rotary Club link, but I also have my own slide collection taken at the 2007 event.  It is not an easy event to photograph since taking pictures means taking time out from shucking oysters. I also wrote up the 2008 Oyster Roast.

There is plenty of food at the event besides oysters, but the event is really for oyster lovers.  With a room filled with tables for eating oysters, it is hard to deny the focus on oysters.

I learned some great wisdom from a Swansboro born oyster eater my first visit to the festival.  His sage advice was that when you feel like you can eat just one last oyster, don't do it because you will regret that last one. I followed his advice faithfully, and I have enjoyed plenty of oysters. If you are new to the event, bring your oyster knife and a heavy glove to protect your other hand,. They do have them for sale at the event, but I like my own.

I am not sure that I will make this year's event, but I will be there in spirit if not in person.  If you are headed to town and need some directions and suggestions for what to do after your oyster eating marathon, you can download my PDF map and suggestions for fun and food in the Swansboro area.

It is a great time of year to visit the area.  Wednesday I had a wonderful hike across all the beautiful sand that has moved into the Point over at Emerald Isle.  You can read about my adventure and see maps of it at this post, A Long Walk on the Beach.

If you want some more detailed information about the Swansboro area, you can check out the "About the Area" section on my Crystal Coast Life website.  It is a much more in depth tour of the area than my original Swansboro Travel Guide.

Just make sure you don't miss this weekend on the Crystal Coast. The cold of this past winter is just a pesky memory which has been replaced with some wonderful early season warmth.  Trees are starting to bloom, and the bait fish are swirling in the creeks. 

And if oysters are not your cup of tea, try some live blue crabs from Clyde Phillips Seafood which is located between the bridges in Swansboro, or you walk to Nicky's from Clydes.  They serve up some great seafood specials, and you can sit by the windows, relax, and watch the action on the Intracoastal Waterway. 

I just might be out there in my skiff.

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