Toys for Tots Marsh Cruise

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 11/20/2010 - 12:34.

Thursday afternoon we took a couple of toys over to Hammocks Beach State Park and got treated to a wonderful cruise of the marshes close to Huggins Island and on the way to Bear Island.

It is an area that I often frequent with my fishing buddies, but it was nice to have a tour guide to hear the local history.  I had no idea that Cow Channel which leads to Bear Island got its name from the fact that the early residents used to lead their cow through there at low tide so they could graze on Bear Island.

I also had not heard that Bear Island got its name from someone transposing some letters on an early map.  The original name was "Bare" Island.

We had a very good time.  I got some nice photos of a great blue heron, an osprey, and some pelicans.  It was also nice to take pictures of The Point from Cow Channel.  The picture at the top of the post is one of those.  My new telephoto lens performed admirably.

It was a cool afternoon on the water, but we were only out an hour and one half so I managed fine with a light shell.  However, I saw everything from shorts to down jackets.  We also came across someone rowing in the marshes. He had no shirt on.

The last Toys for Tots Marsh Cruise is today, Saturday November 20.  I suspect it is already booked, but I suggest that you take some toys by anyway, and put the Marsh Cruise on your calendar for next year.  I believe you can toys by until the end of the month.  They have a great collection already.

I posted lots of pictures with map positions and links to larger maps.  If you want a really in depth pictorial tour of the ICW through Cow Channel, the back of Bear Island, and to the Point, check out an earlier photo tour that I posted.  It was done with the idea of helping people navigate through the area.