A warm day hike on the Croatan Trails

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Mon, 02/22/2010 - 12:57.

I know this is not the end of winter, but I think yesterday might have mortally wounded the old man.  It might take a while for him to disappear, but we have seen spring and any return to winter will not drive the memory of yesterday's warmth away.

It was just a great Sunday. By the time we headed to church at Cape Carteret Presbyterian, I knew we were going to have a beautiful day.  As we walked back to car after the service, it felt like spring.

After lunch, we celebrated our first day with the temperature reaching to sixty by trimming our roses and hauling the waste to the trash transfer point.  It was like grand central station with pickup trucks.  Everyone was hauling yard waste.  We even saw my colleague, Ed from the real estate office, backed up to the bulk container.

After getting rid of our rose bush debris we headed directly to the Cedar Point Croatan Trails.  My wife is having trouble with her feet so we only hiked the short trail, but it was still a great treat to get outside, especially considering we had gotten up to a very frosty morning.

There were nearly a dozen cars in the parking lot at the trail head, but we only saw four or five people on the trails.  We managed to see a beautiful blue heron a couple of times.  We also enjoyed sitting by water and watching the ducks, pelicans, and herons.

I always enjoy walking across the beautiful bridges on the Croatan Trails.  The trails themselves are well groomed, clean, and peaceful.  Yesterday the wind was blowing from the south so we could hear some traffic on Highway 24, but even that did not bother us.

After finishing our hike we took a run over the bridge to get some gas and check on a friend's home at the beach.  We noticed that the new bike path construction has reached down Coast Guard Road to Deer Horn Dunes.

After that quick swing by the beach we headed to visit my fishing buddy Dean.  It turned out that one of his recent projects was a fish cleaning station for my dock.  He did a great job, so now all we have to do is get enough warm weather to thaw out the frozen fish that should be swimming around in the area 's waters.

I am confident that we are on the road to spring.  Waking up to this morning to temperatures over fifty degrees has only convinced me more that spring is in the air. There will be some minor detours, but this is a definite break with the weather we have been seeing.  Most people would agree with me that it is about time.