We are more than just beaches

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 08/22/2009 - 13:01.

Most people come to the coast to enjoy perfect beach days.  If they are lucky they find out that the reason we stay in paradise is that there is more to it than just beach.

I am planning a couple of nice sit on the beach days next week so I love the beach as much as anyone.  However, I also find a lot to like about the rest of the area.  At least a couple of times a week we will check out the Croatan Tidelands Trails Park just off VFW road.

It is a great park with trails, a campground, picnic tables, and restrooms.  Last night the campground looked to be full.  There were even tents pitched in the overflow area on the entrance road.   Most of the camping these days is done in campers of some sort, but you something of every type in the campground.

We also came across three young boys catching fiddler crabs on the boat ramp.  They were having a great time.  I also just caught sight of a canoe heading up Pettiford Creek.  I have never paddled there, but I have a feeling that it would be good paddling.

Speaking of paddling, I do a fair amount of kayaking at Bluewater Cove on the White Oak River.  Of course the White Oak is not just for kayaking.  It is a wonderful place to go boating.  There are days that we go boating that we never get out of the White Oak.  Then there are days we head to the Intracoastal which takes under ten minutes and then head out Bogue Inlet into the ocean.  You can follow just such a trip as that one by viewing my slide show called Mackerel Morning.

If you would prefer to virtually head up river on the White Oak, try this slide show, Up the River.

You can also easily spend a day in Bogue Sound or a day in Bogue Inlet.

It would unfair not to mention our great museums and all the history that is tucked away in the county.  You can find links to pictures of the museums and more at this site, Crystal Coast Links.

We are also a place where you can lose track of time or as I like to say, "You cannot see September from here."