What a treat, 54F wake up temperature

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Wed, 01/26/2011 - 14:49.

After all the cold and even snow that we have seen this winter, it is a real treat to wake up to some decent, even close to normal temperatures.

I hardly knew how to dress.  Most mornings this winter, I have donned a down vest, a hooded jacket, and my fleece cap.  This morning all I put on was a light weight shell.

Perhaps things are getting back to normal with the Canadians and New England folks absorbing most of the cold weather.  I sent my friends who live north of Fredericton, New Brunswick one of my infamous temperature auto-emails.  It starts out by offering condolences that their morning temperature is 60F colder than ours.

Our newspaper was late so I took a morning stroll around the docks here at our subdivision.  We managed to get about 3/4 of an inch of rain out of last night's storm.  It was nice to finally have a normal storm this winter

I have to admit that I have finally reconciled myself to enduring and perhaps even enjoying the occasional "coastal snow storm."  It is actually hard not to like a storm that comes one day, makes things look like a postcard, and then all traces of it disappear the next day.

While I did not get to do any great blue heron noodling this morning, I did get to see plenty of critters on my morning stroll.  I caught sight of a very speedy grey fox.  There were also a pair of pelicans relaxing on my neighbor's dock.  Some mallards in the gut behind the house took flight as soon as I tried to get a look at them.

The grey fox did spook the great blue heron who was down at the other end of the gut in his fortress.  He came flying down and pulled up just short of my location on the boardwalk.

With luck the day will brighten up, and we might see some warmer temperatures.  Is it possible that we might see some sixties in January yet?  It is hard to believe that our first winter down here, we managed over a dozen days in January when the temperatures got to over 70F.

At least the weather has not been so nice that I felt bad about staying inside and handling some indoor technology challenges.

While being something of a geek has some disadvantages, when a network breaks down, I am glad that I at least have a clue what I am doing and can get our world of technology back up and running.

As much as I love my Droid and its Android operating system, I would not want to try to do my serious web work on it.  Mostly though I went to the Droid because of Verizon's better coverage here on the coast.

I was with AT&T until March 2010.  I finally had enough of missing phone calls in my own home and made the decision to get a Droid. It has certainly turned out to be a good move. 

My cell phone works so well in my home that I regularly use it to make phone calls.  I never did that with my AT&T cell phone.  Also the tight integration of my Droid with Google's cloud services really makes sense for me.  I even used my Droid yesterday to map my afternoon hike. The Droid sure beats a pedometer.  It is pretty neat know how fast I was walking.

A few pictures of this morning's walk
are waiting in Google's cloud at my Picasa web albums.

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